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European islands have their little secrets and a visit to each of them will leave you with a thing or two to awe you. I have seen some of the most famous of them and can only say they will leave you speachless.
The soul-artist asked me to gather together 4 or 5 photos of my husband, Jamie, and when I had done that, he informed me that “his” work would show the accumulation of every vision and tenure Jamie would experience and his Auric response to each one – accumulated! – Uthrania S...
Croatia is a gorgeous Mediterranean country situated on the north of the Mediterranean sea. On this page you will find a stories about its shore and beautiful cities and islands.
I wrote this article as part of the requirement for a wonderful online course I took called "42daysofwriting." This course taught us how to write in the flow of consciousness genre letting my ideas flow on paper without reservation.
There are many beautiful, heavenly islands which dot the Adriatic off the Croatian coastline, all of which have something to offer.
Maine offers a deep history filled with mystery, intrigue and ghostly sightings, and the five midcoast Maine towns of Bath, Wiscasset, Boothbay Harbor, Camden, and Damariscotta are no exception. In fact historic sites that have a background for housing orbs, manifestations, apparition...
The group of 572 island/ islets lie in the Bay of Bengal, 193 kilometer from Cape Negaoris in Burma (Myanmar), 1225 km from Kolkata and 1,190 km from Chennai.
CNN International's 'African Voices' profiles Zanzibar's re-emerging attraction dubbed, ZIFF
World's leading TV news channel, CNN International, opens East Africa's ancient but still best-preserved Swahili settlement to viewers
The love between a boy and his grandfather leaves a lasting memory.
The island of Spetses is located in the Argo-saronic surrounded by other beautiful islands and green-blue waters. It is the perfect vocation spot and historic site all in one beautiful island.Spetses history goes back to 1821 with the great Greek independence leaders.
The islands of Dodecanese are located in the southern Aegean sea and are big islands rich in history and beauty. This Islands were invaded by the Italians in World war II to keep there weapons and other things they had.
In the last Episode, we read about some very interesting and beautiful sites to visit in the world. This episode will be a continuation to the previous. So just enjoy the ride to know the most breath-taking places of the world and do your best to visit some or all. You can scan throug...
Do you know that in the faraway island of Nangalao, water is like gold? Find out how the marginalized fisherfolks of a remote but scenic island in northern Palawan obtain this very precious resource.
A tribe related to south American in Peru have made living with comfortably on lake Titicaca with local reeds available in that place
One of the Philippines' wonders is the Hundred Islands National Park, a tourist attraction that is worth visiting. Be mesmerized with its beauty and charm.
Adopt corals in Maldives and spend a holiday in Maldives with local islanders or in resorts of Maldives spread around Male.
Folklore in my country is highly superstitious and some of them are frightening. Here we look at a few ...don't get too scared reading this.
The Roller-Coaster Ride continues. As you get deeper into this story, feelings will flair, and you'll find it quite difficult to contain your emotions.
The Venice city is day by day sinking in the sea,by the end of 2035 the entire city will be in the sea
A brief visit to the sights and attractions of this beautiful South Pacific Island
A brief view of the interesting history of The Bahama Islands and their connection to American history
Washing your clothing in Haiti is a more involved process than in the USA but is necessary to know if you are planning to go over there to help out with the famine.The act of washing clothes is a great female bonding time for communication and friendship among the women.
7.9 on the Richter scale; village destroyed. Get the news on how its happened.
Jamaica is one of the Caribbean's most popular islands and few places are more popular than Montego Bay
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