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Many people like to hear music when they are on a road trip because it is a best for passing the time on a bike traveling and it gives the pleasant mood which calms their mind.
I have a great deal of stress, at times it interferes with my daily life. I feel as dreary as the rains that kept me inside the last week.
Just a poem that tries to describe questions and answers. This poem is going to be a list poem.
From the 42dayswriting creative writing series. The lesson was to write about a strong emotional feeling felt at that very moment of writing.
Our christian values are best summed up by individual experience, and when the time comes we will each have to face our our own morality. the issues we struggle with in life will disappear in the afterlife.
This is my unbiased opinions of our president, government and the citizens of the Philippines.
What involvement can be as political “passion”; what drives political passions in people, and what people need to understand about the nature of politics.
We aren't to moan about minor things, but we aren't to get wrong between complaining and being critical or protesting.
A poetic synopsis and critical view in the civilized man and its ethical decline.
Getting cash from financial markets means more debt and the interests that will have to be paid sooner than later and these financial markets won't let anyone to get away with their debts.
What I think of the popular celebrations of the end of another year.
Whether so called ecologists or defenders to animals want to admit it or not, bull fighting isn't worse than making goose liver foie grass or trying to haunt a hare to beat till it dies.
This page will have blogs about society and issues related to it.
this page is a short personal profile especially on my desire to serve the disability fraternity
About us fighting overseas and how we need to work on issues in the country first, then worry about everybody else.
Framing is the (often dark) art of posing an argument in ways that maximize agreement.
This is not a story about a woman, her children, and her attitudes, it is a story in which shy is a symbol. I do not want to give away the meaning of the story, perhaps you can figure out the symbolism therein.
If you were a user of and you'll be able to market your articles to your Google circle of friends directly from your journal website and web site dashboards or management panels wherever you produce your awe-inspiring, inspiring and fascinating columns or articles.
We need to break down the sources of friction that hold us back from realizing our true potential. Not only are we provided with the needed capabilities, but also the Creator holds our hands in subtle ways. Time to open our eyes.
An opinion of opinions in the proud American tradition of having an opinion.
Inspired by how people seem to obsess over little things that don't matter.
Yesterday my neighbour rang my doorbell adressing an unexpected issue.
Emmerdale is a daily soap that is aired every weekday evening at 7 o'clock. The latest storyline with Dominic Powers, has me hooked with all the twists and turns of the story. Read on to find out more.
Trust issues are very common in relationships since times at some or the other point of time in a relationship. So here are some basic ways to solve them and lead a happy life with your partner.
Tips to ponder and to consider about improving yourself.
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