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It's about the so called Canonical five murders which took place during the end of the 18th century. It became popular because of the fact that all five victims of Canonical five murders were all in mid 20's and the brutality prior to murder raised the storm of fear to a very high lev...
A look at famous unsolved cases in history that has shaped the world.
There is just a thin border between medical science and crime, considering that many psychopathic serial killers known in media derive their murderous desires from the curiosity of experimenting on the dead.
This article is about the pros and cons of running after your stardom dream. It's a timeless article that brings to the table a variety of social revolutions that we saw since the 60s'. Targeting both the Entertainment industry workers and followers. We have a subject matter as we use...
This short epic depicts a parallel universe, containing a strong northern-british/european setting 'round the late middle ages, as well as some more recent settings (London in the 1800s). It follows the life of Jack the Ripper, his rise to power through the occult, and ultimately his ...
This is a summary of the victims of Jack the Ripper
He moves passed the sleeping masses only to strike fear!
Not everything in London is in the West End. Getting off the beaten track can reveal some fascinating surprises and hidden gems.
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