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It seems that the World Wide Web has become like a pain in the arse for some folks.
This man says he became a free man when he embraced education and culture while he was in jail.
A brief history of Bodmin Jail in North Cornwall. One of Britains most advanced prisons when it opened in 1779 now a popular tourist attraction and important historical site.
These days power is everything for politicians as they play the ugliest games around to fool the people. These politicians spend money in crores just to get elected. They also know that they can recover the money they spent in getting elected in no time once they are into power
From Restaurants to Jail, the Steel City is Alive with Ghostly Activity and Paranormal Legends
A little poem about how the human race all thinks the same, even in slime-pits of rejects. I'm not saying I'm innocent of group-thought or anything, but the human race is a curious lump of flesh, am I right?
Read about a man that has been sentenced to life in a North Korean prison with an indefinite term of labor education. All because he decided to help the unfortunate within North Korea.
The ghost town of Garnet is similar to those rustic images you see in the old western movies in that it is made up of the usual suspects of buildings from a saloon and hotel to a post office and general store. Visitors are always delighted when they can actually lay claim to seeing a ...
So you met somebody spunk, and you're hitting it off great! By all means, have a ball, just keep this in mind.
An increasingly common observation regarding the folly of the Left vs. Right debate.
Tina Renton was 14 when she finally told a friend about what her stepfather had been doing to her for the past eight years.
Where is justice, when can our laws keep a man in jail for almost 1 year and no court. How does this make since to any of our laws.
Many young children are affected by the fact that they have one or more parents in prison. The numbers are high, and rising way too fast. Here are some facts we all should be aware of.
Have you ever said "I hate my name" because you though it had a negative feel to it? Well let me share a little funny about mine!
The old man is about to die after having spent part of his life in a prison cell.
There teens out there who go out to start trouble. They go into problems that can become worse in the future and their parents don't care
Historic milestones are usually wars and battles. These denote political divisions that scar the life of the ordinary person. The stark reality of Kilmainham is a reminder that there should always be more to living than war . . . . .
A teenager from Pennsylvania in 1983 have supernatural power of rain maker, where ever he is rain is there. That's why he is called as rain man.
A culprit escapes from jail in Barranquilla city of Columbia and changed his appearance as woman with breast by surgery to pacify the police that he was woman.
The news story justifying the recent rumors about Lil Wayne's death.
This is sheer my observation based on the information I get from around and the media.
This is a poem I wrote about one of my brothers when he was in jail. I believe that the words are pretty clear. At least they are to me.
This is a poem I wrote in regards to a drug addicted mother on the streets of Toronto. It is actually based on a true story of a women I know and this occurred in September-2012
How soon do we forget. During World War One and World War Two, people were encouraged to plant vegetable gardens in their backyards, their front yards, in vacant lots, even in public parks. Back in the day they were praised for their efforts to grow their own foods, unlike today when ...
“With Liberty and justice for all.” Those are mighty powerful words, filled with deep meaning, filled with great promise. They promise that all men, created equal in God's sight, would receive equal justice in man's sight. Was that ever true? It certainly does not appear to be tr...
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