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Golden Triangle is a planned route which offers visit to major destinations in Rajasthan in Western India. The focus is on the Taj & the Tiger.
Jaipur remains enticingly different because of rich cultural heritage. The unique architectural style of the city along with its various historical monuments make it refreshingly different. It is a tourist attraction for all these reasons and more.
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Golden triangle is a well known name and the whole wide world is aware what it means but still who are not aware of its significance I would like to enlighten them by giving a brief comprehension about the same.
Tourists from all over the world visit India to admire the mesmerizing and scintillating charm of these cities.
The Palace on Wheels is India’s first luxury train which was started on 26th January 1982.
India, the inviolate land is far-famed as a worldwide luxury Indian destination to form your holidays unforgettable.
Rajasthan is home to myriad of tourist destinations which are visited by millions of domestic as well as international tourists.
The story of Bhangarh.From being a bustling city with a fort, how it turned to be the most haunted and eerily deserted place in India.
Golden Triangle tour is the best way to explore the attractiveness of India. India is a treasure trove of fun, entertainment, beauty, love, affection, adventure, landscapes and architecture.
India, historically valued and culturally respected, is one of the most wonderful tourist destinations of the world.
Have you ever thought of experiencing India’s sheer beauty? If yes, then this thought is becoming real for you now.
India, the land of culture and beliefs is the prominent stopovers of the tourists in the world.
The beautiful state of Rajasthan is known for its glorious attractions and sightseeing spots.
For the historical as well as sand dunes lovers, Rajasthan tours are the best bets.
The article speaks about Food Fair that take place every year in Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, India.
The article speaks about the charm of visiting Jaipur Zoo during Diwali.
The article speaks about book fair held in Jaipur every year.
Culture of India is a true amalgamation of different languages, traditions, rituals, structural design, cooking, festivals and folk dance & music.
The article speaks about the beauty of Jaigarh Fort in Jaigarh, Rajasthan. The fort was built by Maharaja Jai Singh.
A detailed guide and information containing for what to do on India holidays?
Golden Triangle is a special tour package specially designed to cover up three magical and cultural cities of India.
Rajasthan travel and leisure mesmerizes the world with its appearance in culture and location.
Rajasthan Holidays are the best holidays during India travel during this you can experience true culture.
India Tours is an exceptional experience for the travelers. India attracts in many aspects such as culture, monuments, the hospitality. Read more about to find out about Incredible India.
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