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AXIS is a global insurer and reinsurer, providing clients and distribution partners with a broad range of specialized risk transfer products and services with branch offices in Bermuda, Australia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Singapore and the United States.
Terrorism is defined as the violent acts perpetrated by or on behalf of a foreign or domestic person or interest coerce or influence U.S. Policy.
With lease financing being used by a many businesses in the U.S. today, and accounting for about half of new equipment purchases, most corporate executives are usually familiar with leasing.
I’m sure everyone ever using economic train for transportation. But you have to think twice if you want using economic train in Jakarta. I hope this information can be use for the tourist who want try to use economic train to travel inside city, so they will know what they will see ...
Jakarta is the biggest city in Indonesia because Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. When you arrive in Jakarta When you go abroad, one question that may arise in your mind is about the public transportation that you can use from one place to another place during your trip in Ja...
Topeng Monyet / Monkey Mask is a very well known monkey's street performance in Indonesia with a lot of misteries behind...
Obama misses the memory of his childhood in Indonesia, especially his favorite Indonesian food. As a young boy, he never thought would be entertained by Indonesian president someday and served with his favorite food.
Presidential Spokesperson, Julian Aldrin Pasha, said the President concerned about the death of a blind, in an incident the crush at the gate, enter the State Palace, which is bordered by Jalan Majapahit, Friday (10/09/2010).
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