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Professor Toorneef gives his very last lecture at the university, but he also has a surprize proposition for Jakstein, his brightest student.
Kevin Sweefarend is still recalling the book he was reading while he had to work as a shepherd all day long, in order to kill the time. It would appear that Jakstein, the character in the book "Snuf Blaffelaar visits Electopia", also an aspiring writer, has a hunch that his dog has wi...
Kevin Sweefarend is still remembering what he read from the book, "Snuf Blaffelaar visits Electopia", when he was trying to kill time whilst working as a shepherd. Quite a funny piece of writing...
Now that there's some underground organization stealing people's livestock, Kevin has to guard his father's sheep all day long. It's very tiresome and most exhausting, but at least he has a good book he enjoys reading to make the time go faster.
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