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Terminator 5 is gearing up to shoot and taking its cue from Sega, it has a title. But the question is will arnold BE BACK as terminator or will Dwayne johnson replace him. read full article to find out.
You may have the talent to write great scripts, great stories and ideas that can shake the word, but you still need the needed connection to sell such ideas. How then can you get that connection or rather work your way to the top where you actually deserve to be? Find out some steps y...
James Cameron's Titanic, released in 1997, won 14 academy awards and also became the second highest grossing movie of all times. After 15 years Cameron has digitally mastered and painstakingly converted the blockbuster into 3-D for re-release in April 2012, coinciding with the 100t...
A short review of the 1997 award winning film Titanic
If you are looking for a great film to see this weekend, check out the previews for Sanctum and The Roommate.
The hit blockbuster "Avatar" is coming back to theatres for some extra footage.
The highest grossing films of 2009 examined and compared, ranked according to how much they earned.
There is no such thing as a modest celebrity! Naomi Campbell, Madonna, Jon Bon Jovi, Raquel Welch, Russell Crowe and Bono of U2 - just to name a few - have very healthy egos. Some are beautiful while others are reasonably good looking, intelligent, sexy, and daring professionals. ...
Has James Cameron created anything hit film with Avatar?
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