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A Possessed Game pummeling the windows and roof, but why did the screen on my DSi go go black, too? Everything was silent except for the wind howling making my spirit feel melancholy, longing for someone to console it. My DSi screen lit up again. I might as well play it until the powe...
Eating "SUSHI" or "SASHIMI" foods on a "Plate" use a body of a "NAKED GIRL" becomes a tradition and a ritual in a dinner night. Especially it is always doing by the Japanese executives or high societies class, and that is still going on till this day.
Surrounded by numerous volcanoes, making Japanese scientists concluded that Japan or the "SAKURA" homeland country as world wide known that is going to disappear in the next of XXII century.
Japan is a great place to live - but like any country, there are downsides too.
The JET Program(me) is an initiative run by the Japanese government. It sees native English speakers placed as teachers in public schools and can be a great experience for JETs and an excellent gateway to Japan. Many have had the time of their life living and working abroad as they le...
Matsuri is the Japanese word for a Holiday or Festival, the Japanese are very festive people because they celebrate a holiday every month, well here is some history as well as a list and dates for Japanese festivals.
There have being many misconceptions about what a Geisha truly is, find out all about these traditional Japanese female entertainers, their colorful history, beauty, fashion and how the modern day Geisha has evolved into the 20th century.
A short summary of the first Japanese alphabet, Hiragana.
Although it helps to practise and immerse yourself in the culture, you don't have to be living in Japan to improve your Japanese. Here's some top tips for learning from your home country in an effective way.
Maid Cafés are a unique and very fun experience, highlighting the crazy fantasy world of anime and Otaku culture.
I've written "Things in Japan I Don't Miss", now let's take a look at a more positive note: things in Japan I loved, and can't wait to see/experience again.
#2 in the "Things I Wish I Knew" series. This focuses on the whole reason why you're in Tokyo in the first place: studying.
#1 in the "Things I Wish I Knew" series, about perhaps the most important factor of all: money.
This post contains a few of my English language poems using the traditional Japanese form of Haiku dealing with subjects as diverse as Mensa, domestic abuse and poetic meter! Haiku has become a popular art form in the English language creating an interesting cross-culture experience.
Haiku is a traditional type of Japanese poetry. The poems are about everyday things and are usually three short lines which don't rhyme. First line usually contains five syllables, the second line seven syllables, and the third line five syllables. I think that Haikus don't have the ...
This is a nice outing for those who appreciate Japanese culture and fine dining.
To really head towards fluency in Japanese, you're going to have to go to Japan. But what are your options? We'll discuss them here.
Why did an American of Spanish ancestry, who can't speak Spanish, start learning Japanese? Moreover, why should you bother learning such a beautiful language?
Even in a dream, I never thought that I would find a place I could consider as my second home.
Capturing a foreign market is never easy even Honda took time understanding the US market.
I would like to share my very own recipes of Japanese Dishes. These are very easy to cook. Maybe you can cook them too in your homes.
A small guide on how to feed your bonsai plant appropriately.
Even During Times of Fashion Budget, Distinct Trends Continue
Some things we can fight, some things we cant, some things we have to accept, some things we dont...all the thoughts and words in this article are mine, but I think I speak for many.
By their very design, rituals are meant to accomplish, either symbolically or actually, a connection with some perceived meaning of life. The Japanese Tea Ceremony, however, is unique in that it neither implies nor evokes anything beyond itself.
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