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As the Christmas season had come and went with the merry-making atmosphere building up.It was indeed a very dramatic moment for many the world over.
“Round, like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel, never ending nor beginning on an ever spinning reel” so the velvety words rise up as the Songbird sings her hauntingly beautiful melodies... A Tribute To Our Very Own Songbird Beverley dear friend who remi...
A lifetime jazz Not many have the natural gift to entertain in Jazz Well we have a WIKINUTS Songbird here tis true...
We at Wikinut have a very talented singer in our midst..our very own Songbird Bev. I just had to write an article about our Bev's beautiful voice. So come on in to the 'Wikinut Jazz Club'..sit back.. kick off your shoes.. and enjoy!!
Jazz is primary an American music art borne out of hard times, and further developed into African communities, it’s a relatively new ethos of entertainment risen within the 20th century.
he roaring twenties gave us the kind of musician rendition that is consider today as old fashion "jazz" it can only be found by enthusiastic minorities, those who love to hear great talents
While many great singers have left their indelible mark on the fields of Blues and Jazz Music--a field dominated by female vocalists, these ten women epitomize the talent needed to leave such a mark.
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