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Continuing with the series on famous Black Canadians, I have chosen a black french rap group, a black female senator and the great jazz-man himself Charlie Biddles.
We will be looking at the life of Montreal dance instructor Ethel Bruneau.
On a singer's death and on the even sadder death of a popular cafe.
There is a lot of notes, articles and even books about jazz, but I decided to write one small piece as well. Maybe it will be interesting for someone, maybe it will help someone to write an essay or do a school project, but anyway, you never know!
like facets of a diamond we can explore many parts of ourselves...if we will..some will shine brilliantly, others so dull hide they do away from the world but I like to show them all for they are all part of me....
After guests enjoy a delicious Italian or American dinner they can enjoy dancing, karaoke, late night entertainment, and a fully stocked bar with a beer, wine and drink list that goes on for days. The two-story art deco themed Paparazzi Ristorante is the kind of place where you will f...
Great album,from great artist,you can say,album of the year.
One of the underrated album from jazz genius.But,on this album,he is still Miles Davis.
Iconic Port Elizabeth saxophonist, Dudley Tito is 71-years old and still playing his horn to entertain jazz lovers
It has been a few years since my father died I do still remember him fondly and wanted to remember him in a special way, through talking about him. Harry Giblett was special to his family, my brother Bob and I did love him so much and do thank him for being just that little different,...
After a hard day's work, do yourself a little favour and listen to some smooth jazz.
Britain in the 1950s was a monochrome society, a rigid, unyielding social order and overt class consciousness constrained social interactions, people were reluctant to do the right thing for fear of it being deemed by "polite society" as the wrong thing. Fortunately a radio station we...
A poem inspired by the jazz of john coltrane and miles davis as well as many blues artists
A lifetime jazz Not many have the natural gift to entertain in Jazz Well we have a WIKINUTS Songbird here tis true...
Do you wat to be a legend and if so how do you imagine that would look/feel like? Do you think legends are the stuff of myths or perhaps you already are a legend because of your good works..check it out....
Want to learn to dance? These tips will help you find a great studio that fits your needs!
Ever thought of signing up for dance class? Now's your chance! Read about some great benefits this form of exercise can have.
An exclusive interview with jazz guitarist George Benson before a show at the Nelson Mandela Bay stadium in Port Elizabeth, South Africa
The rhythm of life echoes the sweet beats of Jazz. Kinda free flowing, kinda catchy and you never ever know where a Southern night may lead. Jazz and life have, in my randomness are one-in- the -same.
The Press corps interviews jazz guitarist George Benson before his show at Nelson Mandela Bay Jazz Festival in May 2010
Bits and pieces of this and that's. Just trying to piece together the tapestry of my life and the challenges I face as a seasoned, sizzling, single woman of 40.
Here an experience is shared or it can also be said the choice is shared with the readers about the good english songs.
One more jazz festival ready to enliven the homeland. This time, the event will be held in the exotic temple of Borobudur, Yogyakarta in the mat 'Borobudur Jazz Festival 2012: The Harmony of Exotism'.
Talk about jazz Class and what I have learned so far
A fun poem, fast poem about living life in the 'fast lane'
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