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This is one you have all been waiting for. The Original Record account of just how and why the Hellion races penetrated the rip in the fabric of space and who indeed put it there. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
Every minute of every day, for no reason at all, Jews are grabbed on the street, skinned alive and put in pots to be made into delicious jewstews. Some are turned into lamp shades, some into dog food, and some are run over by some kind of vehicles. Jewpulp making vans they're called...
Excerpt from The Universes of God 3: The Chronicles of the Antichrist
Most people know that much of the events of the bible took place in Iraq. Before the time of Abraham, the ancient Israelites, a nomadic people was not yet known as the Hebrew nation. This article discusses the similarity of bible stories to Babylonian stories.
Many people will grief Gunter Grass´s death, but despite being a brillliant writer, having won a Nobel Prize on Literature, he was also condemned to ostracism for having been a member in Hitler´s armed forces at the age of 16.
In Genesis 16:1-4 we learn that Sarai, Abram’s wife had an Egyptian handmaid whose name was Hagar and since she was unable to have children, she urged her husband to take Hagar as his wife that he may have children by her. We are told that Abram agreed and soon the maid conceived.
This is the summary of a sermon my pastor preached a few months ago - well, my take away from it anyway.
The Jewish high priests thought by executing Jesus, they could end his dream of kingdom. King Herod might have thought that would be a good solution to remove his rival for power. The Romans might have thought that by the punishment of Crucifixion they could control the political revo...
There was once a German who never ceased to be impressed with the Israelis' achievements - particularly their military success. After the six-day war in 1967, he just could not stop singing the praises of the "wonderful Israelis" In 1973, after the Yom-Kippur-War, he was even more imp...
will the real Jews of this earth please stand up and take your rightful place as kings and queens of Israel. Too long have non-Israelite corrupt the land of Abraham, and Jacob.
The practice of genocide against the Jews leading up to today's conflict in Gaza.
the current war between Palestine and Israel is nothing but a funded genocide. thousands of children are slaughter daily by leaders of this world who we stand up for when they enter a room, These wicked leaders are nothing more than wild untamed animals that should be caged.
Evil sometimes has its way of entering our homes, our lives and its sole purpose is to cause destruction and mayhem! If you see a dybbuk box, never open it! Unless you are willing to cast your soul in the fiery pits of hell......
In 1917 British Arthur Balfour wrote Zionist Second Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild supporting a Jewish homeland in Palestine. This Balfour Declaration justified the brutal seizure of Palestinian lands Israel would serve, not as some “Jewish homeland”, but as lynchpin in Rot...
when Moses takes the Jews out of Egypt, he has a staff. This staff clearly has some significance. Here is the tale of the staff of Moses
In this article you follow the long historical walk of humanity toward the recent moment in which all religions and beliefs come together.
This is a group of poems that I wrote please enjoy them.
The infamous order was issued in 1941 and gave explicit orders to the German army not to treat Russian captured commissars as POW's. They were to be shot immediately.
Jews traveled with Columbus and were the first settlers in the New World
This is a review of The Book Thief. The Book Thief searches to explain the duality of human beings and words their ability to display amazing love, kindness, and mercy, while simultaneously being instruments of evil.
Is there a middle ground between the notion of "Creation" as told in the "Book of Genesis" as well as in other "Holy Books" and the "Darwinian theory of evolution "? Yes, the TRUTH! - James Cortez
The summer of 1945 was a season of promise for those in war torn Germany.
At the end times, the Jews are given custody of the earth, which the Gentiles have hoarded for so long.
A look at Colditz Castle its history and how it was not quite escape proof as it was thought to be.
Hitler carried out a final solution of the Jews and 6 millions were murdered. 26 January every year is the Holocaust day
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