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There are too many hate-mongers in the world today and this isn't simply a case of Donald Trump's desire to register all Islamic people in the USA. It seems that part of a western agenda is the need to create turmoil across the world, create hatred focused against a billion people wor...
Nigeria is faced withan Islamic Jihad launched bya Muslim terror group. One wonders what can be done
The Sikh regiments are among the proudest of the Indian army and have a checkered history. 12th September is celebrated as regimental day and the day is significant as 21 Sikhs held of a horde of over 10000 tribal Muslims at saragrahi
Love JIhad is starting to take center stage in India both socially and politically. But what is it? Is it even for real? And what can be done about it?
The bomb and the bullet are certainly to be considered the least effective way to spread an ideology. Terrorism kills believers and non-believers alike, all innocents, all of whom have had their lives foreshortened by the idiotic actions of the so-called "true believer".
This week the US Air force attacked ISIS and other groups in Syria, yet in August, president Barack Obama openly admitted that he did not have a strategy to combat the Jihadist ISIS group as it advances in Iraq and Syria as well as other groups across the Middle East.
Love Jihad is a new term which is coined now. It means luring Hindu and Christian girls into marriage by love and converting them to Islam.
Religion has nothing to do with spirituality. Each of us needs to transcend our religion.
The killings of Christians in Nigeria is becoming unbearable.The Christians are being slaughtered like rams or in most cases hunted as prey.The main objective is yet to be ascertained but it is pertinent to note that this trend is not new.
Truth be told. Whether you like it or not, America is not a democracy; period. To the American citizens, it is an autocracy. To the rest of the world, with its military bases all over, it is a junta. To the state of the entire human race, with America striking countries that oppose it...
I used to Believe Christianity and Islam are two different but similar religions, but the more I see the recent happenings, the more I get confused.
I am saddened by the reaction of many people upon hearing about the killing of Osama bin Laden. Not only is his death being celebrated, but people are loosing sight of reality.
One country is on America’s hit list; and the US recently succeeded in persuading the United Nations to impose sanctions on it. The other is America’s close ally, on whom the US showers billions of dollars in aid and military hardware.
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