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Resumes are those pages that may change the course of life. A well prepared resume announces the quality of a job seeker. The application mentioned here helps users make great resumes without effort.
The wellness of health is conceived , created and enjoyed in mind than in body. - Anuj Somany
Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it. - - Michael Jordan
This article is about the various risks in our jobs. Read out to know more..
This is my real experience of my time in a job centre. After my first visit, I knew that I had to write all other visits down for people to understand what it is like and for those people who have also experienced it, to empathise with me.
The English newspapers, the daily telegraph in particular, underlined the fact that for this job I have earned a lot of money because they wanted to interest the audience on the fact that the English NHS must call forein doctors and pay them an exageration. So they used my face my exp...
You come across this kind of article thousand of times , then what make this article different ? Well, this article will discuss about business opportunity you can start your own and it will not take much time you can earn three figure cash or four figure will not be a dream anymore .
Across the world many loyal workers have lost their jobs this is a poem for you.
How do you view death, divorce, job loss, transitions or any bad situations that arise? Do you choose to think of the bad situation as Freedom or think of it as "Why me"? How you can change your thoughts to change your life.
The threat of redundancy is hanging over many peoples heads at this moment in time. I am one of those people....
Discovering I was being made redundant was a surprise as I'd only been in the job a few months. But I am not upset, I just have to move on.
Being an efficient leader takes more than natural talent. Some people think that being a leader is all about giving orders. That is a very incorrect assumption.
bad news I'm afraid, things are not going to get better in this world financially, more business are going under, redundancies are everywhere, and more job cuts are inevitable.
Having trouble hunting down that job you crave? Having trouble hunting down ANY job? Here are some places you should start your search.
Here are four ways to stay strong in a weak economy.
There is no need to mention on your resume that you were fired. Not when there are other options.
There are a number of interview details that can cost you the job.
Why getting fired can be a good thing and what you can learn from it
Some good reasons to leave a job, even if general economic circumstances seem unfavorable.
Some good reasons for leaving your current job, despite bad economic circumstances.
This topic has been argued for several years. There are a lot of people success without going to university, and there are also a lot of people can not find a job after graduated or have a job not fix with their major. And they have to come back to school to be trained again. So is i...
How would you approach an interview? Here are some tips for you.
There are approximately 22,000 lobbyist and 12,000 clients. It has been estimated that a company the size of AIG has donated over 5 billion dollars to lobby the government in the last 10 years. If all thirty companies on the DOW had the same budget then one could imagine what 150 bill...
Retrenchment is NEVER a joke, and in today's world, is an ever present danger lurking around a dark corner. Polite terms like restructuring, downsizing, cost cutting merely serve to obfuscate the real issue – so call it what you will – it all comes down to you losing your job, and...
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