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Julie has brought up her autistic son Adam on her own, then she meets Ben, but feels their romance is doomed because of too many commitments. Read on to find out more.
One of the most common sources of dissatisfaction at work is: the lack of appreciation! If this problem would have consequences only on the productivity at work, things would be great. But on most of the times, this frustrations will have effect on the personal life also. With this a...
This is not a pitying account to make us weep, but to think that anyone of us may fall as low as this any day. As good Christians we're obliged to give a hand to those that need help most.
The precedent set by Bradford L. Smith unveils a new tendency in the lobbying domain : to supplant governments in favour of big companies.(1) It is an incidental element from which the new era of lobbying(2) can be inferred. The decisive element is to be drawn from the turning point ...
My offices and editing studio have been where they were since 1996, and I never thought I'd want it somewhere else. One afternoon I take an afternoon nap, and during my sleep I think about moving my offices and studio to a room in Lordly House.
People will come into your life, and then exit your life again, all the time throughout life. Duggles has come and gone.
Elmarie and Stingley have for years done a nationwide talent search project, with their main sponsor being a big international company. However, the manager of that company seemed to have less enthusiasm for it every year, making Elmarie and Stingley wait longer and longer before he ...
Mostly what we feared to do is something we ought to do.
While searching suitable jobs, candidates must be aware of different mistakes during application of jobs.
Reasons why it's necessary to act out in the present.
Ok, so you want to travel the world, make tons of new friends and still get paid for that? Ok, so you want to travel the world, make tons of new friends and still get paid for that? You might be thinking that is, I can tell is! But (there is always a but!), y...
How sleeping with top intelligence and security agency officials will make an inexperienced mediocre young woman powerful overnight
Below are the 8 golden rules to motive you this will help us to become successful in our professional as well as in personal life.
Ever want to travel the world? Afraid of losing your job? Try this program and have your job when you get back!
Initial job seekers are those from jobless list, being selected for job needs skill and determination. Preparation, Finding Job Announcement, matching with own's choice and favorite make up the job's essence.
Modernization makes city's population increasing year by year. The rural people tend to consider to migrate to live in the city. Whether living in the city is most favorable?
What a soldier thinks about while abroad for his country. Read more:
I didn´t write 100 things about me, but I guess I could. Here are few of them for anyone amusement or this is what I intended.
He attended a job test but was unsupervised. Read about what happened during the test...
Which do you prefer, an officebased or a homebased job?
Freelancing is profession of many people today, but many of them just leave it for not being properly guided or instructed. As it is now a big race for the big unemployed talented people, no one here has time to steps foot together. But here's the point that you are lack behind.
A country can progress well only if their politicians are good and work for the development of the country. But today, politicians are not working hard and seem like spineless politicians which is very bad for the country and in fact such politicians are spread all overt he world toda...
We all indulge in doing funny things in life and the relaxation we get by doing all these is enormous. But many people do not understand this during days of problems
Read to find out how this lady that calls herself a non governmental organization has helped 180 men to redo their lives.
A poignant prose about career choices and it trades- off, written in syllabic ryhme.
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