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Barcelona officially back asking price of David Luiz to Chelsea. However, coach Jose Mourinho asks sizeable transfer fee from the Catalan club if they are really interested in getting Luiz.
Racism is a continuing stain on football, amongst many others; is the FA on the right track?
We are now in the final phase of this series and I hope so far so good, we have been enjoying ourselves even as we share and discuss this crucial issue called Love. I dedicate the entire series (5 episodes) to Lady Aiyanna and to those who have been hurt in their Lives. Please, do not...
Super-injunctions have been in the news recently. I'm no legal-eagle but it's clear that we're being kept in the dark and it's not right.
.....said the lady on the train sitting near me. Here I try to repair my bumbling response and maybe, that lady will stumble across this article.
With Ashley Cole extremely doubtful to make the plane to South Africa in the summer for the World Cup, Fabio Capello has some big decisions to make ahead of the finals.
Fabio Capello sacked John Terry as England captain following his extra-martital affairs. However, as our England criminal eleven shows, Terry was actually a pretty good choice to lead this bunch of morally bankrupt millionaires.
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