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Although there are several different types of arthritis, all of them can cause joint pain. Inflammation is considered as the main element for arthritis joint pain along with factors like fatigue, stress and depression.
People coping with rheumatoid arthritis have to deal with the risk of heart attack or cardiac arrest. Read more about the connection
Did you know that there are over 200 types of virus that can cause a cold? And it's even possible to have several colds, one after the other, as each one is caused by a different virus! So what can you do to help improve those annoying symptoms?
Hot and cold therapy can be effective against joint and muscle pain, though deciding which to use can be difficult for some. Learn different and quick methods relating to heat and cold that swiftly eliminate the chronic pains of arthritis.
musculoskeletal and hand/finger joint pain is on the rise as a direct result of mobile device and computer use.
Take a little more Responsibility for your Health, by creating your own Natural Remedies, for Many Common Ailments.
Hypothyroidism is defined as your thyroid under producing its hormones; specifically, T3 and T4. Your thyroid gland is responsible for regulating your metabolism, and when it overproduces (hyperthyroidism) or under produces (hypothyroidism) your metabolism suffers.
The pain at the meeting place between bones develops pain. This pain may occur due to illness, age or physiology of the patient. Treatment depends on assessing the exact nature of the pain.
After suffering a brain haemorrhage three years ago, I was left with unbearable headaches, dizziness and a life I have no control over. Read further to find out how one session of Reiki healing, eased my pain and gave me hope, that in the future I can live with the effects of this tr...
Understanding the science behind arthritis is difficult. If you have arthritis, it is important to understand more about the disease and to get a clear picture of what is happening in your body, especially if you want to find alternative ways to help combat your inflammation. This a...
Senior people and people who have joint pains can jump in joy now. They do not lift anything fearing suffering more pains. They can easily overcome their joint pains with the following tips.
Modern lifestyle has made human life more sedentary, causing more health problems. Joint pain is one of the problems for which Ayurveda provides easy solutions.
Most of the people of this century, aged above 40, are experiencing inflammation, pain, and stiffness in bone joints. Modern sedentary lifestyle and diet are causing arthritis. The signs of arthritis should be dealt with at the early stage.
Purines are an important chemical component in our genes but when we eat too many foods containing purines, we put ourselves at risk and illness can occur. Read on to find out more.
Rheumatic fever is a common disease in children aged 5 through 15. If it is not taken seriously it may lead to serious consequences and may also be fatal. This disease may cause heart diseases among children.
This article discusses the evolution of the medical community's understanding of this elusive illness over the past 20 years, as well as providing testamonial to a few proven herbal remedies that may help alleviate your symptoms.
It is common to take medication prescribed for rheumatoid arthritis. When you know the best medication options you will get the best out of the arthritis treatment. Here are important facts you should know about prescription medications for arthritis.
Arthritis, inflammation of the joints is the major cause of illness in all age groups of all races. Nowadays, we can get relief from this problem by making using of some home remedies.
Despite the greatest of intentions, people attempting to lose weight through exercise often become discouraged and abandon this idea within a month of begining. Hopefully this article will shed some light on how weight loss through exercise works, and why you should stick to it. ...
With the movement and strain animals put on their joints they can easily become injured and painful. It is important as owners, that we take care of our pet's joints to help keep them healthy.
Joint pain tends to increase with age. Movement is very important for life and, despite joint pain, must continue. Some options to reduce joint pain are discussed.
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