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Ever had this? Long moments of perplexity, followed by, perhaps, longer moments of embarrassment.
A handy way to remember it is "fifth wheel" and not "third wheel".
Its all bout Jokes. Laughing makes your blood pressure low, if its high. Ready to reduce your blood pressure. Look at the Page.
An offbeat look at how in a world where we strive for convenience and instant results, we are sometimes disappointed
I write here of a science fiction that maybe a possibility derived from the invention in MIt of converting thoughts to words
While the rivalry of some brings hatred and fight, The rivalry of the characters in this content brings joys and laughter.
Real life experience of me and my friend on our way back from school
There are lots of kinds of different pranks but there was a new spreading prank and videos of it are all around the internet world.
Last week my Afrikaans (kind of like Dutch), speaking friend had just returned from London after doing some contract work on an electric turbine...
suppose you want to annoy people in the elevator or just elevator prank...
a man get a very strange msg on his mobile saying that he is using his wife,
You can find all jokes of boys and girls here......
Jokes and funny stories. Jokes about everything: Men, Women, Policeman, Drunk ...
The fear of our joke falling flat sometimes prevents us from expressing that natural, humorous side of our human nature. Step out and break the myth by learning how to tell great jokes with ease, poise and confidence.
The ability to initiate and sustain an interesting conversation can sometimes mean the difference between success and failure in life. Learn how to compel people to gravitate towards you, simply by being an engaging conversationalist.
Two mentally ill mans Noname, Whoareyou, Reallycrazy
I have a Perfect Son A Second Language The Biggest Lie Mistakes...Mistakes An Elephant's Grave
5 jokes : Examination Glad Dog know proverb? English Preacher with member
With apologies to all husbands everywhere. Women may think this joke is funny, but men may be bemused. It is all in fun.
This is my favorite joke. Make it your laugh for the day. They say that laughter is the best medicine or else you will die laughing.
I decided to compile some sex Quotes as my first contribution to this site, as a newbie here, I hope your Old members would enjoy this. I dedicate this article to Funom Makam for bringing me into this community and I hope he excels the way I intend to.
Jealousy is a very strong emotion, which usually stems from feelings of insecurity . It can wreck lives and relationships if it's not kept under control. Read on to find out more.
This page is for Joke, humor etc. You can find more joke here
Its all a big freakin joke anyway so why do you not laugh at it would be so much easier for you and those around you...perhaps you take yourself too seriously and that is a big joke!!!!!
Takes another look at the lighter side of life. Blends humour with a little wit to ease everyday tension. It is intended to appeal to the intellectual as well as to those who want to have a whole lot of fun.
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