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A poem about a village's whaler, and all of his whaler boasts.
About 5000 plus people has already been confirmed dead by the Philippine Government. What should the whole country do to prevent such catastrophic events to strike the country again?Read and find out the Biblical answer.
By reading more in the bible I found out reactions from the period of the prophet Jonah. These reactions proved that I had been living in his time. Generally the reactions should be accepted as a code to sign to the old actions of the past holy history.
This is the second week of my struggle against the inspiration, You Are Christ. It is strange story indeed. As I wrote after getting the whole knowledge I recommend that my reader should notice every action in it as something in relation with the story of Jesus as told in the gospels....
All previous astonishing facts couldn't be known before the connection with an unseen hand known by the Holy Spirit. The given details in this article are necessary to read to know how I could concluded that we are before one spirit in two roles: Jesus and the reincarnation of Jesus. ...
This article tries to answer the question: Why is this happening to me? Why does God allow us to experience difficult trials?
It is always wise to listen and obey God. If He has spoken to your heart, and He has, or if you think that you can out smart, out think, or even outlive Him you can't. You can win or you can lose in the end.
Most people know the story of Jonah, but puzzle themselves how Jonah could possibly survive in the belly of a large mammal with water...Well, you will have a whale-of-a good time reading this section of what really happened to Jonah, and the ridiculousness of those who twisted the wor...
Can God heal depression? How? Check the article out.
The Day I Learned That Jesus Wasn’t a Published Author Was the Day I Stopped Going to Sunday School
The Old Testament’s purpose was to prepare the children of Israel for the coming of the Messiah, in addition to preparing us for the second coming of Christ, and His millennial reign on earth.
Even the atheist or agnostic has a "hope" about the after-life. The three main categories among humans, (1) the atheist or agnostic, (2) the liberal Christian and other religionists, and (3) the born again Christian, all hold some hope for the after-life.This article furnishes the "h...
This in an essay of the five major turning points of the book "The Lost". The book is about a boy called Jonah, who goes missing after running after a fire engine.
Indolence is condemned everywhere. God expects us to be active in our life. The Book of Proverbs admonishes to go to the ants and learn to be active and wise. Let us be careful and pray vigilantly.
Bible names tell the Bible story. Finding out what Bible names mean often adds a better appreciation of what the Bible is saying through that character.
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