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Well, Petros' squeeze Krystal who works as a nurse somewhere in the Middle East, planned to go on a guided tour of Jordan. But then Petros convinced her to take a private tour with him.
The Jordanian army flies retaliatory attacks on terrorist militia Islamic State. A number of positions were destroyed. They say you'll stakes continue until the IS "cut off" is.
The latest ISIS execution and how it heralds the beginning of World War III.
Read this article to know why Jordan is safe for property investments.
A Little Boy’s Sleepover with his Goldfish Friends
In my capacity as the UK Director of Operations for One World Tours Limited, I am often asked what, in my opinion, are the 5 MUST see countries. These are therefore my top 5 destinations…
I was privileged to visit Israel for 17 days in 1997. It was an experience I will never forget. The places we visited are all described here.
Its about the communal harmony that we want in this world.
So that was that! It was a leap year full of hopes and expectations; sadness’s and joys this is an assemblage of news items you might have missed and some we all wish just never happened at all, I wish we could all work to make 2013 a better year but nevertheless I wish all our read...
Come with me as we visit the lowest and saltiest place on earth, “The Dead sea” a body of water so salty it is also called “The Sea of Death”.
I'm going to talk about pit bulls, but not that there dangerous that was to grab your attention.
I'm just going to talk about my day up in Frankenmuth Michigan.
Jordan- The land attracts lots of tourists every year. The specialty about Jordan- mountain plateau, nature, caves, sea and .............
[b]The story [/b]behind the song "Here we go round the Mulberry Bush" and a look at the fruit of the Mulberry bush.
Marriage is intended until death do us part, yet we see couples refusing to make any real effort to salvage what we initially started out with.
It is reported that she embarrassed a 13 year old male fan at her book signing, but was it Jack or his grand mother, she upset?
this is about katie price as she wants to release a single
This article looks at the prehistory of southern Jordan and its relationship with the Levant.
This film was released in 2008 . This is one of those post 9/11 espionage films that Hollywood has made after the attack . This is easily one of the better made films with realistic acting by the entire cast...
This article looks at the central east Jordan valley region and the Bronze and Iron Age cultures that lived there.
This article looks at some of the ritualistic artifacts found at the Neolithic site of 'Ain Ghazal in Jordan.
This article looks at the Neolithic cultures at 'Ain Ghazal in Jordan.
This article looks at the shifting settlement patterns in Early Bronze Age Jordan.
This article explores the prehistoric cultural ecology of Southern Jordan.
This article explores the chemical composition of saltbrush in the semiarid grasslands of Jordan.
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