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This chapter concludes the saga of Felipe, his ongoing battle with himself and his creator, his eventual acceptance of his sexuality and his new life in St. John's.
A brief summary of an early morning on the deck of our home, watching the world awaken to a new day.
When my daughter asks me something, I have been very polite in answering.
Here our heroine is back, and she's beginning again, or is she ending again? Sometimes it's the falling that makes you realize how steady you can be on your feet.
What does without a drop of alcohol in your system and a car that goes really fast without extra powerful gas in it have in common?.
What does air brushing and a cracked heart have in common in life?.
Culture round the world is warming up faster than global warming ... our leaders are not yet alarming!
These are three inevitable pains in ones life's sojourn We all have to face identical ones some time or the other .. labour ..virginity ..death
This is my answer to man's quest for real, lasting, Joy - which for me comes through one source - and that being faith and surrender to the Living God - Jesus.
this poem tells of the joy the Angels proclaimed to simple shepherds ...and the same message is for us today .
Fear is not your foe; it is something which comes from the thoughtless mind. If we analyze it minutely and sensibly then fear 'within you' automatically will disappear and you will enjoy the full of life.
A look at what children bring to our lives from the birth, through childhood, teenagement adulthood and marriage. This is meant to explore what joy and happiness surrounds the atmosphere when there is a child either in the household or in the making. It also serves as a reminder that ...
It is summer. It is the season of enjoyment. Make these days really pleasant to your whole family and enjoy these days with God.
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