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Often times we feel beat up and lonely but I am here to let you know that these are thoughts of lies created to destroy your very being. Stay Encouraged.
A poem expressing my long running admiration of instruments and instrumentals. When I run across a blueprint that activates the Spirit, it's a great source of inspiration to spark my own creative energy. Glory be to God. Gratitude and thanks to all the instrumentalists who have had me...
A spiritual warfare poem of faith and perception. The joy I feel is ever expanded. The persecutors have gotten bolder with the higher I climb in success but I'm not worried. God knees and sustains me as I embrace what's promised to me.
I once heard that success doesn't last forever but I believe that to be debatable. What I think it is is that the perspectives and motives for pursuit of a goal vary. For me, as I've mentioned on numerous occassions, that I'm driven by my love of poetry, inspiration and faith in God t...
Dedicated to all the residents I've worked for in my career as a CNA.
You walk up, get in line and wait. It feels like forever. Finally you get on and there it goes. Fast and furious. You're bombarded by the sights, the sounds, and emotions gripping at your belly. ...
I've been away from the platform, and I may not stay, but I wanted to share a couple of my writings from during my absence.
Life is all about the concept of love and the interpretation it conveys, joy and peaceful harmony in contentment or miscarriage of duty?
Pure emotion is something unique that makes you feel happy or sad or astonish and these pure emotions are very important to our lives because it adds the color to our lives.
this is a poem about the joys of loving someone and being with him or her
This poem tells naturally about love,how it goes,grows and shares joys and pains.
"The summer night is like a perfection of thought." —Wallace Stevens
We are what we choose to be, if we think ourselves too old, too bitter, too tired...then we can choose something else.
Just where does sensationalism LOVE begin and just where does it end? What exactly is it composed of and what is its yardstick? The diseased, the starving, the destitute...and just where does it leave them? - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
A merry heart really does good like a medicine and it tends to make a cheerful countenance. When we obtain joy and gladness, sorrow and sighing will then flee away.
"Being Together" can be the best feeling imaginable.
When we allow faith in God our Creator to rule in our circumstances, we are able to come to the conclusion that He really cares. Then we experience peace that transcends all understanding.
A collection of poems illustrating what the writer feels about his home town in Africa.
We are always buzy in this world but wait...listen what this poem is saying !!
Perhaps one of the most well-known Verses in Our Creator's Wonderful Book of Teaching on Life and Love is the one that says ~ God so loved 'the world' ~ that He gave His only Son ~ so that whoever would BELIEVE IN HIM ~ should not perish ~ but have everlasting life. This is found i...
Once in our lives, we are stuck with a question that will shed us a better perspective with life
This poem traces the life of a man from birth to death and questions what follows.
a bowl of cherries i offer to you... red they are ...delicious to taste but if some are not ripe then spit them out...just as you would those who come to harm or denigrate you...i do all the time wherever i am...blessings to all my dear friends here..
Here's a short poem I wrote concerning this particular subject.
A kiss to last means a relationship forever.He has fallen in love and wants a sweet relationship with loving kisses.
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