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this is a poem about the joys of loving someone and being with him or her
This poem compares the activities of the sea to humans.Its metaphoric activities are real and its imagery really bonded with how humans react to life according to experience and destiny.
This poem is for you and your love.Love is the sustenance of life,the source of happiness and even the source of struggles and pains.
I have written a poem, they help me to express my love to my son whilst I am going through this hard time. Never stop telling your son you love him.
It's about my female closest friend... She's the one I will never regret I have and never will be forgotten...
Don't just say what you want to do in this life, do it You are the answer to another person's life.
What does without a drop of alcohol in your system and a car that goes really fast without extra powerful gas in it have in common?.
What does air brushing and a cracked heart have in common in life?.
Culture round the world is warming up faster than global warming ... our leaders are not yet alarming!
As the year 2012 comes to its end I look back at the joys and sorrows that came my way.I thank the Giver of all blessings. Also for the blessings in disguise...
this poem tells of the joy the Angels proclaimed to simple shepherds ...and the same message is for us today .
Letter is like fastened string of violin Every word Should meet the bottom of the heart If you're playing your joys and woes On the life of violin I wish to dip myself in with supernatural ecstasy And I wish to write my own life letter
Fear is not your foe; it is something which comes from the thoughtless mind. If we analyze it minutely and sensibly then fear 'within you' automatically will disappear and you will enjoy the full of life.
Yes we all focus on the mother one can also appreciate the work and role of fathers.
What visions and stories we have in our dreams, whether awake or asleep! Wonderful!
A look at what children bring to our lives from the birth, through childhood, teenagement adulthood and marriage. This is meant to explore what joy and happiness surrounds the atmosphere when there is a child either in the household or in the making. It also serves as a reminder that ...
How fortunate we are to enjoy a good Christmas whilst even nearby someone cannot.
A poem I wrote to show appreciate to my darling wife and express how much I truly love her.
On the poetry prompt by Write, Market, and Design If Money were no object
Memories of those boyhood day, how development have made some significant changes.
What are some of the words that you want to say to your future lover?
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