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An image is an important element of a website and a printed material. Know more about the basics of images.
The standard definition of multimedia is any presentation that involves by two or more media, such as texts, graphics or sound. Multimedia makes exciting because users can choose their own path through the presentation.
Creating an e-Book involves many skill sets other than the ones commonly associated with writing. Two of those skill sets are photography and graphics design. Most of you reading this will have had some experience with the digital file format known as JPEG, but there are other file ...
Learn about how to create nokia themes easily without using any special softwares. this can be done by using mobile also.
When we made the switch to digital, photography, we had a lot of new things to learn. If you are just starting out in photography with a digital camera, you have even more to learn. Camera manufacturers like Nikon and Canon know this, and they pack as much knowledge as they can in the...
When did you take that picture of the Eiffel Tower? What lens aperture did you use? Most of us carried a little pocket notebook around to record this data. The digital camera eliminates the need to take the time to record that data in our notebook. The camera stores all that informati...
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