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I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8:38
Apocalypse reveals the future life, and while Noah was telling the people about the flood that was to come, they did not believe him and the result was that only eight people were saved from drowning in that terrible flood.
Brian is a nerd and a geek of many interests. In this article, he will examine his interest in sci-fi. Specifically, what his favorite shows and movies are from this genre, and comments on contemporary releases of some vintage classics.
This book is a different sort of book that what it might first appear to be. With a title like, "God I Am", you might expect it to be speaking out with some authority on the subject matter at hand. You would not be wrong about this. The author does talk in a way that seems to conve...
We do have to take our own important decisions sometime in our life and care should be taken that these decisions we take are not wrong as wrong decisions might effect us badly
At times we make foolish mistakes without thinking of the consequences they can have. When the consequences are grave ones, we feel lost, adrift and deeply sorry for what we did, but by then it is too late, for the deed is done and there is no turning back time. Even the most innocen...
Dive deep in to the human self as this article takes us on a journey through time questioning our actions and answering our deepest identity questions. Where are integrity, equality and human values? What is right? What is wrong? Are we allowed to impart judgment on others if human i...
Septermber 2015 marks the Jubilee, the Shmitta year. seven x seven +1 the Great Jubilee the Torah does not fully reveal the reasons for shmita, which is the mitzvah to let the Land lay fallow during the sabbatical year.
A short poem that shows how proper judgement can only be made from unconditional love. This is why God must remain the only judge of us all. When we move away from love to judge another person, we have also moved ourselves away from God then too, because God is love.
The positive and negative states are a part of the dual world. Whenever we try to live from either one of these states by pushing ourselves towards one state or the other, we are unbalancing ourselves by so doing. This article will show you how to simply live from love, and then al...
Many believe in the once-saved-always-saved misconception, but there is more to it.
A right of human being must prevail each one of us, gender is not a wall to every things you might seems impossible because i believe discrimination is still exists in society so we must fight it in every form.
Planet Earth is in turmoil. It is like a wild horse trying to dislodge the human element on its back.
A day is coming that will change the world. People all over the globe will disappear, and a tribulation like no other will ensue. If you find yourself left behind in this situation, please read!
This is a piece of poetry that claims that you will never find love, nor peace when you judge others. Judging others separates you from love. You can never fully love someone who you are judging. Loving is about forgiving, not judging.
We all make mistakes,it's very easy to point an others.Reflect on your own first.
An honest poem about sin, hypocrisy, judgement, and things most humans can relate to
We are born with a mind set to do things. Shaping our morality, thoughts and intrinsic values are up to us. Striving to do the best we can for all is what God would want us to do. Will you be wanting revenge instead of Justice? Please know that God loves you but some times it deeply h...
Have we all noticed that majority of society classifies each individual in over 10 different ways and many of us fall into over 5 different categories? Maybe you haven't noticed. Some of us find it hard to make friends and "fit in." Why do you think that is?
I have, occasionally, been called by a name not my own and it caused me to wonder about misnaming and misjudging. So this piece came from those thoughts.
A poem about mans final judgement, there can be no denials is it is written. So when your time comes hang your head and just nod.
This page addresses the sometimes complex and difficult questions parents need to ask themselves when dealing with older children. In particular, some parents experience difficulty when dealing with teens. It takes a look at how to deal with various aspects of teenagers' development a...
God is love. He loves all His creatures. He does not like going against Him by committing sins. Do sins stop His loving us?
A poem that looks at discrimination through the eyes of person who has been labelled and discriminated against.
the lovely fellow "perfect" christians i go to school with really helped me to see how judgmental they are. They let me so how terrible they can treat their fellow Christians who come from different backgrounds or who dress differently.
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