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So these are the Beatitudes which I have garnered from Teachings of the Spiritual Heart and my own growth in spiritual inner awareness. Many will not like them but so be it...your loss not mine....I taught these concepts for many years throughout the teaching system in Miami to thous...
People are very quick to make judgements,the outer appearance of someone can be very misleading..........inner qualities matter.
We all make mistakes,it's very easy to point an others.Reflect on your own first.
From an early age many people have been taught to judge and blame others for their misdeeds...not taking responsibility for all that they do. But what goes around comes around and the ball will always fall back in the senders court...sometimes as dis-ease...
We live in a world where opinions and judgements have become sacred cows for so many people...theirs become the only way and inflict this on children they do so the sins of the fathers are visited on their sons and so it on if you will....
Logical reasoning within one's own standpoints and confident and unwavering regarding one's own ability. No apologies, and not needing or looking for the approval or acceptance of others. Self satisfied, self approved.
Confidence in one's own identity. Self assurance, Self defined.
This page addresses the sometimes complex and difficult questions parents need to ask themselves when dealing with older children. In particular, some parents experience difficulty when dealing with teens. It takes a look at how to deal with various aspects of teenagers' development a...
This is about how judgements add to negativity and forgiveness takes you into the heart of God. Try for yourself forgiving yourself for all your judgements and feel the lightness and joy come into your beingness.
About some of our personality levels that can cause dissension. Learning acceptance of others and the way they do things is a step into a higher way of being.
The ownership of a house is a goal for many of us. However, in some circumstances, keeping the house might prove to be more of a burden than expected.
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