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The past ten months have certainly had their challenges, having been temporarily blind, facing my worst fear, yet moving on. Now I face a cornea transplant inside the next fourteen days and am looking forward to that time with some trepidation.
My goal for the end of May not been achieved what with doing so much online, I hope to do better in June.
I attended the National horse show jumping event at Spruce Meadows, Calgary, Alberta, June 8 and 9 with my wife. We saw lots of beautiful horses and had a great time. I would like to tell you more about the show jumping at Spruce Meadows.
Twilight on a June night, the woodlands leaves whisper in the breeze. The sun sets over the forest. By the shore dusk's soft colors paint the evening sky...
Well it is nice to see what is coming down for each of us in June but please take it all with a pinch of salt as these are overall compilations and as each person has a different birthdate, time of taking first breath on the planet etc etc. it will vary and that is why I recommend an...
Respect, or lack of it weigh's heavy on the soul! We need to be more respectful to all the people around us. Sadly there are those who lack respect and that provides a great challenge to us all.
November PAD Challenge Day 13- write a letter as a poem. Dedicated to Adam
She is my call when rose flowers blend, so I respond in lyrics of heavens music; A sentimental poem, about a heavenly encounter
Plotting a positive course is important it lifts us and encourages us, Yet is there a little extra that we can do? That little extra often comes in the form of helping others - what can you do?
A look back on a date we could well forget but I never will.
What are the obstacles stopping you from making your goal? It is all a case of understanding what is getting in your way, the thing that blocks your path. Trouble is you may not even know it is there.
How effective are you with your time? All too often when we have spare time we waste it rather than getting us ahead of the game. What did you do the last time you had 20 minutes to spare?
Nothing going right? Day on the fritz? Well it sounds like you need a little distraction, something to clear your mind and then get going again.
There are many self-improvement ideas that seem almost impossible to achieve as they require big leaps. In truth is is often the little steps you take that are all important in developing yourself and improving your abilities in all areas.
Those little things we do for people actually count. Do enough of them and they add up, almost mathematically. You will get noticed by others because of the little things that you do.
Ever been surprised by gratitude? It is such a thoughtful gesture and such an important one. Should you be thinking about a way to say thank you to someone special around you.
Sometimes we live our lives at a fast pace and at other times it seems more important to let things rest for a while. Life is about balance; it is a case of constant fine-tuning, selecting a new path, following an old path.
Team spirit is something that is perhaps the best aspect of humanity. Ask someone for assistance and they more often than not wish to help as best they can. How can you help them in return? Help is a circular thing, which is why teams are so powerful.
How do you communicate with you network of connections? We probably do not maintain contact except at times when we need assistance. That is possibly the worst time to be in contact. Instead we need to communicate regularly. How can you assist them?
Do you worry about what others think about you? Well perhaps you should worry less and focus on how you can contribute. How others view us is important, but not compared to the contribution you are able to make.
Have you ever been plagued by other peoples thoughts of your abilities? They can be soul destroying if you are not prepared to push back.
Ever thought of the pianist practising, practising, and practising - what was it all for? It was all to ensure that they had a faultless performance at their recital. In life we also need this practice, but we have no opportunity for it, therefore we have to learn lesson later when ac...
It is both important to start with a winning attitude and to continue with one. The successes of one day should lead to the next and build to complete a great week, which then impacts the following week. It should build to a habit of success.
Picking a mentally challenging task is something that takes you out of your normal routing. It should challenge your synapses, challenge your normal thinking, and perhaps even challenge your life.
What is your success this year? Even if this has been a bad year there will be something you have excelled at. Take that success, applaud it, and build on it for your future.
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