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In 2012 there was a recall on Cheetos in Canada. This article reviews the situation back then. Unfortunately, there are no further updates available at this time. This article points out the importance for people who are allergic soy or milk products beware of certain snack foods.
Last year over a million and a half people were diagnosed with some form of cancer. People have stopped to think about whether the food they eat contains carcinogens and affect their health.
It is hard for many people to kick the junk food habit. New research shows that junk food may have the same effect on the brain as heroin.
It is very important for children's to play outdoor games though in present times, it has changed as children do not like to play outdoor games which is really disturbing
Living a comfortable life needs your health to be in good condition, but youngsters of today doesn''t seem to be giving much importance to this factor. Health is wealth and without health, one is nothing
Food is very important in life even in animal’s life. No one can live without food. Humans need food for grow, reproduce and maintain good health. Without food our bodies cannot stay warm, built or repair tissues or cells. Our food contains certain chemical substances called nutrien...
One may think that this slow food movement is a new trend, but in Mediterranean countries has been like this since we were born.
What they eat at this time affects heir growth and personality development. Many of the diseases we hear about are; eye related problems, heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, bone related problems etc.
Before donating any food to a Food Bank please consider that donating junk food is not doing them any service. I suppose people donate junk food because they think it is a nice treat for the poor, but this junk food is unhealthy and causing health issues, even obesity, in people who ...
The latest study suggesting that eatting too much animal protein is as bad for you as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.
this article is all about how one can avoid junk food and eat healthy food......
This content is to cautious about junk food and their hazards
It may not be the experience of many. But I have felt the difficulty of feeding a child, especially feeding breakfast. It is like moving a mountain to many of the parents. We have to make the children eat properly in order to keep them healthy.
This page is about eating junk items we must avoid junk food addictions.
The snacking works two ways. If not watched carefully, it could ruin an otherwise healthy diet. On the other hand, if done properly, you can control this snacking in a way that will make you healthier.
people are taking more food thrice in day and mean time consuming junk foods also, it is advisable to consume less food more times a day
A better understanding of how we function as human beings will unravel many mysteries of human life for us and open the door to total freedom for all.
Water preservation is, for instance, a typical premenstrual problem for a number of ladies. Males are for apparent factors not vulnerable to water preservation from menstruation however you will find additional elements, for example raised tension or poor diet plan, that can impact ho...
Only one man in history challenged the world in showing his best love. He loved everyone so much that he gave his own flesh and blood to others. He assured eternal life by sharing his body.
Children love junk food but it is expensive and not good for them. Adults love snacks as well but the fats and calories make potato chips, (crisps), a bad diet choice for many. Here's how you can have the best of both worlds: food that tastes like junk food but which is actually healt...
awe poor boy/girl you are poorly again it was only 2 weeks ago since you were last poorly.
Background Charlie Braxton McRoy 13, battles with the ever evolving realms of internal and external madness he has inexplicably stumbled into. It all began with a simple desire which has led him into insurmountable difficulties of self-absorption.
Background We've all been through those times when we run into problems that seem to grow in dimension and perplexity. Never do we stop to think the anxieties arise from within. Charlie McRoy faces a turbulent storm of his many-sided selves without resolve.
Is the food you are eating slowly killing you? It might be. Read more...
This article is a list of the very best junk foods of all time!
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