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Writer Kaylar is very critical of Wikinut and what she sees as it's future. This open letter is written to respond to some of her criticisms and to encourage a full and frank discussion of the concerns. Of course a site like Wikinut needs development and that has to be a part of any d...
There is major awareness of health issues today as everything around looks artificial. The things available around are looking artificial as chemicals are added to it for faster growth. Younger generation are very negligent of their eating habits as they are only concerned about enjoy...
There is nothing quite like 675 miles of treasures that spring to life in this 4-day long yard sale that occurs every year on the first Thursday in August. Over 5,000 individual yard sales will be stretching across Highway 127 from Gadsden, Alabama to Hudson, Michigan.
Don't throw away that junk, be creative and make a garden out of it! It's sure to make your neighbors..well...think your crazy, but go ahead anyway. Create that Junk Garden!
When you read this you can probably substitute los angeles for the place you dwell unless you are fortunate to live in a place where nature and loving and respect still dwell. Of course not everybody is as I have written and there are many beautiful places to visit in this city of An...
How does our knowledge grow? It was an interesting comment by writer Siva that prompted further investigation into the subject of he fountain of knowledge. Today we are at the cutting edge of a new era, hopefully the golden age of knowledge.
Its true value was only discovered after Mr Riley died in 2010 and auctioneers handling his estate found it under a mountain of rubbish at his home in Worcestershire.
This page is about eating junk items we must avoid junk food addictions.
There are many ways to prevent childhood obesity. Children need a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables, proteins and fiber. Avoid junk foods such as chips, pop and chocolate bars.
This page is about the missed messages from the inbox. Some times this kind of messages will be at...
My personal reflection on over consumption and the resulting clutter, A.K.A. I have too much stuff...
My Birthday Present, On my fifth birthday Dad bought me a set of cowboy guns and holster. I was so excited and couldn't wait to show my friends. After a couple of hours my excitement turned to despair, the guns fell apart at my feet.
Need to Get Rid of an Old Junk Vehicle? Whether it's still drive-able, or not, someone at least wants the metal.
Do not take the title of this article as a source of information that will give you an insight as to how to stay hungry and avoid food.
The first capital letter of each paragraph in this article reading from top to bottom forms a sentence, that's why I haven't put any subtitles! :)
Do you eat a lot of junk food? Try to change the habits!
This is a description of two of the largest and best flea markets in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Make sure to check out both of these locations for some great antiques and collectible items. And don't forget some good food too.
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