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It was a night of special collaborations and big performances at the 49th annual CMA Awards in Nashville.
Internet radio sensation I Heart Radio presented their annual awards in Los Angeles in a star studded night of performances.
A review of the movie, In Time, with Justin Timberlake that came out in 2011.
No one single answer sums up a sole reason for twin births, but scientists have concluded that multiple births more than likely come from a few different sources that may involve fertility drugs, heredity, food choices, race and age. A common misconception is that identical twins are ...
Justin Timberlake and Ashton Kutcher represent a new type of Hollywood star: the kind who gets easily bored doing one thing.
I liked it just because of good old Clint. A beautifull entertaining romantic drama.
No need to start Running although it's mediocre with a few thrills on a beautiful exotic location with a good looking cast.
Hip Hop Music is one of the most popular and well listened genre of Music, especially among the youths. So, we will take our time and go through the journey of the personalities who actually made the Hip hop music and culture what it is today. This particular article will focus on the...
A look at the folk hero of the American Old Wild West, Wild Bill Hickok, his reputation made him a legend in his own life time.
A lil cheeky review of a film I have recently watched :-)
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