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Vatsyayana is the accounted name of a Hindu philosopher who is the columnist of the Kama Sutra, an age-old Indian Hindu argument consisting of human sex and sexual behaviors. Vatsyayana declared assorted types of kisses in the text. A kiss can be authentic as an act of acute one's ape...
When temptation is strong calling our name, it is impossible not to go. this is about a man who could not resist and in doing so earned all that when with it.
Vatsyayana is the author of the Kama Sutra. this is a treatise on sex, but very little is known about the writer himself
Sexual health is now recognized as a significant Quotient of life(QOL) by the WHO. Both partners should leave no stone unturned to provide full satisfaction to each other.
This article discusses the methodology of the ancient Hindu penis-lengthening technique known as Yugmapad-Asana, based on ancient Tantric practices.
While societies around the world debate what is and isn’t morally-acceptable sexual behavior, man--and woman--kind continues to express its natural erotic desires in art, invention, and attitude.
There can be no denying the universal attraction to female breasts. It's a fundamental factor of most cultures around the world, becoming ever deeper embedded with the passage of time. But is this fascination an "obsession" or just as nature intended?
While most members of the animal kingdom use all five senses--sight, smell, taste, sound, and touch--in mating, the human animal generally chooses to use but one or two. What is it about societal constraints that compel us to resist our natural urges?
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