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Two French nationals try to burn a harmless quokka with lighter and aerosol and they film the whole incident on a video.
The Kangaroos Ghost, tells how the mind can play tricks with you. In Australia the mining towns are like islands in the "bush", or desert. To get to and from those places by road can be quite a task.
Australia's coat of arms is supported by a kangaroo and an emu -and I have eaten both!
Telling tall tales, making fools out of the pin brain and the pompous
It didn't take long after my last article for more marsupial madness to find it's way into the headlines. This time three famous monkeys join the fun in the municipal mansions we call the courthouse complex. See No Evil, Speak No Evil and Hear No Evil joined up with Fayette Commonweal...
This is a long bedtime story I told my children. It took me more than one week to tell because I told snippets of it night after night.
A description of rhymed verse of what makes our puppy special and notable.
These were posted on an Australian Tourism Website and the answers are the actual responses by the website officials, who obviously have a great sense of humour.Questions are asked from people of USA and UK which are shown in brackets to the side of each question
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