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Karna was killed by a ruse in the battle of Kurukshetra as related in the Mahabharta. The killing evokes strong emotions and one wonders what was the motive of Lord Krishna
Karna was one of th great warriors in the Mahabharta. He was however disowned by his mother and he grew up as a outcast. The princess Uruvi married him, this despite knowing that she would become a widow.
Karna an dArjuna were brothers, but they had to fight. In theory karna represented the bad and Arjuna the good.
“Yathihaasthi thadanyathra Yannehaasthi na thath kvachith” A saying about the Hindu epic Mahabharatha which means that you can see the things mentioned in Maha Bharatha somewhere else, but cannot see anything anywhere that did not have a mention in Mahabharatha. However, when you ...
Achillis and karna were 2 invincible heroes but met their end on the battlefield
Women of India, it is said, have been held in high esteem. Our contemporary experience and experiences received through the ancient literature tell some different tale. This article aims at understanding status of women in India right from the days of the Indian Epics.
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