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Is the West Indies cricket team's abandonment of the India tour the beginning of their long-predicted end or just the herald of a new beginning for them?
Lady Syxess gives her opinion on the latest scandal in Katie Price's private life and questions the UK media's obsession with force-feeding celebrity trash to it's public. Does Kieran deserve a prop up the celebrity ladder for cheating on his pregnant wife?
An essay on the increase of celebrity coverage in todays media and the decline of real journalism.
A look at feminism and whether or not it really exist
It is reported that she embarrassed a 13 year old male fan at her book signing, but was it Jack or his grand mother, she upset?
this is about katie price and her amazing marriage to alex reid that didnt go so well on last saturday
this is about katie price as she wants to release a single
Katie Price, Jordan is my idol. Maybe you think she is fake because of all her surgeries, but I will prove you wrong otherwise, her mind and soul is indescribable. She is just like you and me but in her own way,
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