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Kenya Vision 2030 Social Pillar-Health aims to provide an efficient integrated and high quality affordable health care to all Kenyans by the year 2030.
The second Edition of the Ura Gate Tharaka Cultural Festival will take place on August 18 – 20 August 2016 at the URA Gate, Southern entrance to the renowned Meru National Park.
For Kenya, hosting the conference will reinforce her high profile as a global economic and trade player
Global South Support Programme for Civil Society in Nairobi, Kenya aims to support capacity development in four thematic areas of human rights, green growth, social and stability and protection.
So far, EAC has endorsed 120 common product standards enabling easier movement of the targeted products at the border points, in a move that is increasing volume and speed of trade within the common market.
The loan will focus on key areas which including free maternity services to improve access to health care for the mothers and children at all public health facilities. It will also augment health insurance subsidy program that aims to enroll more households into the national health ...
The project will be financed by The African Development Bank, The French Development Agency and The Government of Kenya
The Aged worldwide face unique manifestations of based upon history, culture, economic strength and societal perception of the elderly
this page presents the distribution of HIV/AIDS in Kenya, the disease has a lot of impact on all spheres of life, we have to know that both the rural and urban areas are affected by the disease.
An analysis into the trend towards eProcurement systems in African governments
The meeting agreed on stronger and more effective response to terrorism.
this was my first poem to write.was inspired by the campaign manifesto of the CORD coalition in the march 4th 2013 Kenya elections.but they lost
its a reflection of how politicians change after winning elections.instead of continuing caring for citizens as they did during campaigns,they now care about themselves
sudan sudan please stop fighting.persona here is an angry or mentally tormented neighbour who had helped her stop war.its kenya.poem tries to explain mood of kenyans and the world because of the new tribal war
IN KENYA it illegal to take beer after 11pm. I Conceptualized THIS on Thursday 5th sep 2013 after being caught red handed at a drinking joint past using a metaphor of a priest to represent the policeman who caught us and forced a marriage with me to another pal(police ...
was a reflection on how in kenya it wa s after elections and a court petition lingered about
This December Holiday, what are you doing? if you don't have any plans for the holiday, Welcome to Kenya
Kenyans president and his deputy are on trial at the Hague based court, is it fair or not?
Kenyan premier league is the most competitive in the world, this is why
one of the largest shopping mall in Nairobi is under attack, 42 hours down the line there are 15 terrorist that has taken captives in the building
The Maasai tribe in Kenya is one of the few tribes in Africa that have managed to preserve their culture, traditions and history even with the influence of Western cultures. Some tourist just go to Kenya to have a one on one experience with this rich culture.
Let’s say I made a wrong turn because that’s what I did. It reminded me of the movie Wrong Turn.
The British government has decided to compensate the Mau Mau rebellion warriors some 13.5 million pounds
Kenya faces an uphill task over a team that they have never beaten when they face off with Nigeria tommorow in Nairobi
Africa want to pull out of the international criminal court, but this is a bad idea
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