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I recently watched this animated comedy movie Minions which is a must watch for the kids.
Do you think your day is busy? Well, wait until you learn what Kevin Sweefarend all has to fit in into a morning! Fortunately, he does have help from Sekretarisbot. That's his robot secretary he built himself. Yes, he's very smart.
Watch the Minions trailer and cheer your inner child.
Kevin Sweefarend and Majoor Blaffinski find something in the basement which they believe might just lead them to lots of buried gold and money!
Kevin has been getting all his stuff ready to go to high school. He now needs a white shirt. Mother suggested he goes to have a look in the basement at all Father and Kevin's brother's old shirts; perhaps he'll find something there and they won't have to go buy new shirts. Buying new...
That was quite some reflection on the past Kevin just did, and he closes his journal. Good heavens, such a lot has happened in life. And it's not over yet, but right now he can see the sun over in the West setting as it does, while the sound of the Night Train can already be faintly...
In this instalment of EENDAG, Kevin will finally find himself back in his old room. But, there's somebody sleeping in his bed! Who on earth is this intruder? The result will surprize and shock Kevin...
Kevin has just entered what he believes is his house. He suddenly hears piano music start playing, and he goes into that direction. He comes into a living room. On the other side of it, he can see someone sitting by a piano. He walks closer.
In the fog, a figure is walking. It is Kevin. He is on his way home. He just knows his home is here somewhere. He doesn't know how he know, but he feels more and more at home here among the trees.
With Kevin trapped in an ice cave under the snow, who will save him? Well, help can come from strange directions....
And now for something cool... or cold. Or shivering. It might leave you cold. We're talking about the snowstorm Kevin and Majoorbot encounter.
Well, the journey needs to go on, until the desired results have been obtained! So, we continue...
Mathilda leads our hero to the old beat up car wreck. She's meanwhile telling him the story of how they ended up living here.
Well, our young man who is lost in the wilderness, has finally found himself a friend: A flying robot that resembles the shape of a puppy or something along those lines. But what brought them together like this?
Our young man is still crawling down the ledges of a rocky mountain. He spots the moon. That looks like earth's single moon. Great! Now he knows he's on the earth, and that he's in a time after the earth and the asteroid belt were one planet, in case he needed to determine the time to...
If you like noise and things falling over, you will love the latest clip from EENDAG I uploaded online.
Kevin and Majoor Blaffinski are speeding off on their motorcycle, determined to solve the puzzle and stop these calamities that have been hitting them like waves.
Kevin's home wasn't destroyed by the fire, fortunately. The fires approached from all sides but did not jump the perimeter fence. Kevin finds the place deserted. Majoor and him have something to eat.
Flames... such dancing things of beauty and grace... aren't they purdey? Purdey as they are, they like to consume and destroy everything in their path! Want to see a movie scene with fire in it? We got one right here.
Eastward, forward! Kevin and Majoor Blaffinski are on a treasure hunt, prompted by what they believe to be a map, drawn up by his grandfather Barend Sweefarend long ago.
How exciting it must have been a century or so ago, when you didn't know what undiscovered lands lay beyond the horizons? Such was the world when Kevin's grandfather was young and ambitious, and enjoyed exploring and documenting the world's beyond.
We'd like to give you a sneak preview into our movie that is currently taking shape. Please enjoy the preview clip!
So how do you depict a character over a long period of time? Use different actors in order of younger to older? Make-up to make an actor old? Pff, that's so passé. Simply keep traveling in time instead!
Usually people ask me what EENDAG means. I can translate it literally, but today I'm going to tell you exactly what it means to me.
To make a movie or not to make a movie, that has always been the question. Which path to choose? I choose the path of making a movie!
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