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The Moors were soldiers of Allah , who later transformed to the Corsairs, a sect that specialized in abduction and capture of whites, both men and women. their power was only broken in 19th century
Our children are increasingly helpless within their own schools. See a new sample books that are invading the classrooms in order not only to spread homosexuality and bisexuality but also the now to stimulate children from 9 to 10 years to have sex. The book is suggested by the MEC di...
World's leading TV news channel offers insights into rare meeting between young Pakistani Education activist Malala Yousafzai with Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan over the 200+ girls, kidnapped by Boko Haram from their school in Chibok, Nigeria more than 90 days ago. Boko Haram, ...
Child abduction has increased several times over in my lifetime. It's hard to understand how there could be people out there that would do such a thing.
Crime detection cases especially of abductions and kidnappings leaves a lot to be desired.
The news brings us more and more reports on abduction or kidnapping each day, from child abduction to Somali pirate kidnapping, but in my mind there is a way we can stop a great deal of this ever happening in the first place.... read on to find out what I think we should do.
Don't you hate it when a kidnapping occurs? Every parent's worst nightmare. This is a true story of a kidnapping which happened in the Germantown section of Philadelphia in 1874. Two brothers were kidnapped - one was released. The other wasn't. This is the kidnapping that changed...
In Pennsylvania a pastor went to great lengths to teach kids about religious persecution.
Teaching your children how to protect themselves from strangers asking them to come along for a ride or offering them candy
How to raise awareness in your children regarding predators - what to do and what not to
This page is about the persons who are involved in kidnapping children.
Why must a child die before steps are taken to protect them against the predators that prey upon them?
A.M.B.E.R. was created in 1999 as a legacy to a 9-year old Arlington, Texas girl, kidnapped while out riding her bicycle near her grandparents home.
What do some people have against children? They’re just innocent beings who have one main purpose: To successfully pass through this test of living through Earth. But kidnappers and rivals have something else in mind. Their greed blinds them from seeing just about how much of chaos ...
The article reviewed was sent to me via email. Its message is so powerful and relevant that I have included it in my article in total.
thanks to God,Jeremy London back in home safely...
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