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No matter whatever is the cause, once the creatinine level goes beyond the limits, it becomes very hard to bring it during the range. There are however certain natural herbs and ayurvedic solutions which have shown excellent results in lowering down the creatinine stages without causi...
Kidneys are vital organ of our body which should be maintained properly. Various diseases can affect kidney health, vice versa kidney health also affect overall body health.
s the name suggests, kidney stones , kidney inside grow "stone". In various organs of the urinary system, kidneys, usually the site of stone formation. Kidney stones are common diseases of the urinary system, one of every 20 people, there may be a risk of kidney stones.
This article is about the American Association for Kidney Patients website which is very in-depth and helpful to any person with kidney disease.
A page on feline kidney infections, and how to diagnose them.
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