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Some say coffee is bad for health. Others say coffee is good for health. Who is then telling the truth ? The question should be what is in your coffee that makes it good or bad for your health.
Some people say coffee is bad for health. Others say coffee is god for health. Who is right and who is wrong ? Actually, there is no absolute answer on this question because not all coffee are the same. We need to qualify what is it in that coffee that makes it good or bad to our bod...
There has been a lot of debate about the amount of water people should drink per day but studies suggest adults need six to 10 cups of water.
Often while preparing our favorite drinks, such as coffee or tea we add lemon, honey or some other ingredient to sweeten or improve the taste. But, if you think about it, those ingredients are actually very healthy on their own.
Compared to other commonly consumed fruits, apples ranked second for highest antioxidant activity. However, they ranked highest for the proportion of free phenolic compounds, which means they are not bound to other compounds in the fruit and therefore may be more easily absorbed into ...
It is increasingly difficult to draw a medical line between life and death. The German Ethics Council has now tried to talk to brain death and organ donation clarifying statements - and is divided against itself.
Our bodies are amazing and can last for a long time, but just like a car it might need some spare parts now and again, after that the body could keep on going for ages.
A cup of reed roots able to heal some kidney diseases and problem of urine.
This Page is about the human kidney and the roles of our two delicate organs.
Herbal remedies help save money compared to prescription medications and they are a wonderful alternative as well.
Alternative safe and natural treatment for kidney stones.
My back pain has a name and a very good reason for being. I'm naming them Grimace and Horror!
It is said in Emperor After, a famous traditional Chinese medical book, kidney is the important organ in our bodies. It determines whether you will be energetic or not and whether your reproductive capacity is good.
Kidneys are vital organ of our body which should be maintained properly. Various diseases can affect kidney health, vice versa kidney health also affect overall body health.
Dialysis is a therapy given to those who have an acute disturbance in kidney function (acute kidney injury, previously acute renal failure) or for those advancing towards chronically worsening kidney function–a state known as chronic kidney disease stage five (previously chronic ren...
Transplantation is an option for patients who are suffering from End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). Success of this treatment is improving over time encouraging more patients to opt for it .This increase of demand is putting a huge pressure on the supply of organs. Therefore beside livin...
This page is about donating our kidneys, we must come forward to do it
Drinking a good amount of water provides a lot of benefits to our body.
s the name suggests, kidney stones , kidney inside grow "stone". In various organs of the urinary system, kidneys, usually the site of stone formation. Kidney stones are common diseases of the urinary system, one of every 20 people, there may be a risk of kidney stones.
Balanced and nutritional diet, good sleep, exercise and a disciplined daily routine are necessary inputs for you to remain in pink of health. Believe me, delving into the world of nutrition is quite interesting and eye-opener. Let’s begin with the macronutrients.
Here is an update on my brother's life whilst being an alcoholic and what it finally did to him.
If Jesus Navarro fails to receive a kidney transplant very soon, he will die.
People donate body parts for hunger, on the contrary if no one donates where would you get it?
This article deals with the results of many studies that show the dangers of showering/bathing with unfiltered public water supplies.
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