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Kids we love ...Always like kids we love to live they are a golden streak in our lives when wives are busy doing elsewhere kids alone come to our rescue
I'm six months old now but I can still see my angels and they still play with me too.
Our children are increasingly helpless within their own schools. See a new sample books that are invading the classrooms in order not only to spread homosexuality and bisexuality but also the now to stimulate children from 9 to 10 years to have sex. The book is suggested by the MEC di...
The life of a child should not be sad life of a child must know that has value and know that there is in this era, and therefore we must love and family around us.
City kid visits the farm. It's nothing like he expects and wants to go home until his farm friend helps him to relax through humor.
Nothing brings more joy to the little ones than having their favorite toy. Toys are fun and also help in our children's development. Each year, thousands of children are treated in emergency hospital rooms for toy injury. Choking is a common assault among kids 3years and unde
These sites we all boast about have to survive So they can hardly pay We get an opportunity to post our penny's worth Thank them ..for it It satisfies the urge in us to be called poets and writers .
This is a short artical about my two very special daughters and the afflctions they were born with, and how they have conquered these affictions.
and perhaps you know not still tis digital kids.This is just sheer imagination how kids will be born scientifically
All mom's concern.... kids as I have seen a mom alone can sacrifice everything for her lovely kids
Kids and money eh? When they get to a certain age they are always asking for cash and not always at a convenient time. Giving your kids cash for pocket money can sometimes be a worry. Will they lose it? Will it get stolen? However there is a solution to help you worry less..
Parents of this kids must take extra attention about their kids and watch each and every activities
This article is about young criminals. We must guide them in a good way to change their attitude
This article illustrates to discipline your kid in a friendly manner by telling good examples to them.. Read more..
This article is all about cartoons. their background theme, impact, and how are catonns made.
This page is about kids and students using the cell phone. We must avoid encouraging this kind of cell usage among kids.
This page is about kids using the ipad device. Most of the kids are addicted with this new tech item
This article is about parents expectations about their kids and suggest parents to avoid this expectations
A humorous look at the job known universally as 'parenting'.
A story about a boy on an unauthorized biking adventure. Learns some early life lessons
This is a page to help parents find time for their teenagers. It provides some suggestions on how to get to know your teens and what to do, and how not to push.
Here are my simple tips you want to teach to your children.
The child protection act was passed to protect the children from ill-treatment, abuse and the most sensitive issue of all, child employment. This form of abuse is on a sharp increase. As this is such a despicable form of child abuse many countries are going even further underground. S...
This is a news report on a worker that works for cps.
Not being taken seriously is one of the worst things as a teen. As it is we are all trying to find our place in the world and just want to be treated like adults. This is a poem for Ashleigh who is one of the most adult girls I know. How does she manage to be mature and silly at the s...
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