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Welcome to the grim world of the deprived Indian child! The future almost always seems to look bleak for them, and never ever rosy!
Kids we love ...Always like kids we love to live they are a golden streak in our lives when wives are busy doing elsewhere kids alone come to our rescue
Find out high rating ceiling fans for kids' rooms here!
Best balance bikes for toddler. This is best for health.
The results from the study are indicating that kids who play video games are able to establish better relationships with their peers and find their place into the school community.
From sugar rushes to late night snacking, every other rule from the big book of childhood mischief encourages them to adopt unhealthy eating habits.
Take a look at the basics that will show you the right direction for planning a vacation for your family.
Making kids love learning isn't accomplished through nagging - here are a few practical tips to help you out.
Can the video game Minecraft be the thing that helps close the digital divide between children from low and high socio-economic backgrounds.
A token of Gratitude after many long years, to the first teacher a toddler met when he joined his school.
Aahhhh, children... WHAT A BLOODY CURSE!!! GET THOSE F***ING PIECES OF CRAP OUT OF MY SIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok sorry, if you have a child, you probably are disagreeing with my disapproval of children in public.
Kids school canceled for snow or cold? Kids complaining they are bored sitting inside as there is nothing to do. Surprise them with these activities!
This is going to be a book review on a children's book titled "Biscuit and the New Baby".
If you have children in your home, chances are you have an abundance of worn down crayons that don’t get used much anymore. Before throwing them out and buying new ones, consider using them to make candles. This can be a great way to turn them into something new and bright again. Mo...
This is just a simple list of how things can progress with a hobby like playing the piano. Many kids see it as a chore but it can be fun and entertaining for everyone. Plus it is something to show off about around the holidays.
Debate doesn't have to be in school or workplace. Debate means having your instructions spread out to family members. The best time debate at home is dinner time
When getting a pet, its good you take your kids into consideration.
Pluto... the planet we loved & cherished... ended up being banished from the elite league of the planets. Was this unjust humiliation or was there more to it?
If your love one or someone you know is a victim of cyberbully, help him out and hear his problems. Do not leave the victim alone. Stop cyberbully from spreading.
I enjoy listening to my parents and some friends talking about the trouble they got into when they were kids.
These day parents seem to be passing their children off to someone else to be raised! It's so sad to see so many children who are missing out, due to their parents selfishness! The entitlement attitude that is becoming the way of the world, will soon take us out at the knees if someth...
The Changes To Parenting 101 - How America's policies have changed and the power an outsider can have when they see something they don't like.
If your kids spend all summer on their technological devices, mom and dad have to step in and put an end to all day texting and Facebook posting and Tweeting. I am going to write about the life of today's adult as a kid growing up and comparing it to today's kids. Also, some suggestio...
Christmas is for all especially for children. But while some enjoys it to the fullest, others only hears the stories of the fun.
Children not only say the darnedest things, but they teach you something Every Single Day As The Grow! They will surprise you with their kindness & their keen sense!
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