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In 1994 the Karamay fire in Xinjiang that had killed 288 pupils.
The Chinese big rules is bribery and prostitution,overall must be dirty or dark,otherwise the life is hopeless.
Bravery... who has bravery? Bravery to face one's enemy? Braveheart maybe? Well, Braveheart, eat your heart out, because there's someone else who is very, very brave! I am of course referring to Bug the bug.
So why did Harrison try to kill me? Has Father been propagandizing against me to him? Seems like the only explanation...
Have you ever wondered how you would die? Sometimes the possiblities might surprize you. You might get killed by your own family member, a sibling or something from whom you never saw it coming...
There are creatures, some very small, that are always out to parasite off of you and your loves ones, especially your loved ones who are also your pets. They want to drink your blood!!!! WHAAAAAAAA!!!
They arrive home at Tower Hills. Marzeus gets out of the van and goes to Tower Mansion. In there, Mom is sitting by her computer.
Marzeus is feeling sick as he's standing holding Wolverine. This isn't why he brought people along to help him! He didn't want to kill! He wanted to save!
When Marzeus arrives atop Tower Hills, he is in a real hurry. The first person he meets is Waldorf. Waldorf's truck seems ready to go too. What bad luck! Waldorf drove merely an hour before in his truck and got a flat tyre. It's not changed yet.
Sure enough, the dogs worked down the logs until they had fallen over, with one end sticking into the tunnel, taking up a lot of space and making it impossible for the warthog to move properly in the already narrow tunnel.
Sowing DEATH. That is all that's on the animal's mind. No reasoning. No interest in befriending. No sense of caring. Killing is the only thing he knows at this time.
If we had seen, or even thought about the outcome of some choices made, we wouldn't have been in some unnecessary messes.
People all over the world are very scary to live in this present times because of the spreading terrorism all over the world. There seems to be no control on terrorism now.
Terrorism has increased all over the world and it is very much disturbing to see people get killed daily and most of those who gets killed are innocents. It is high time now to get these terrorists into main stream of life by educating them as this would help the world to live safely ...
Robert the Doll is one of those Possessed Toys that Can Haunt, Curse, Attack, and Torment You.
we are staying here, the opposite site of the bridge, the two entity, the life and after death. the death is an event for a moment which is very short and narrow but life is longer than death at least some minutes but after death is so long even we can't imagine how long. Love is the ...
Blanche Moore, who is she? what did she do? and why was she sentenced to death?
Could they be a Vampire? Yes, yes they are lol I hope you enjoy!
This page explores the sometimes complex relationship between parents and their children. It takes a look at how a lack of communication or a break down of this vital link between a parent and child can sometimes to lead the child becoming vulnerable, heading down the wrong path and h...
Rats are pretty much everywhere, but thanks to the hard work of Alberta's Rat Patrol, you will not find a rat in this Canadian province. Learn more about how Alberta managed to stay Rat Free.
the first poetic work tells a story of my pain over the many injustices perpetrated by the colossal government of some years back in Nigeria. the second is a marvel over the wonder creative work of God. a miracle.
this is meant to showcase some of the finest poetry works
Do you eat hamburgers and steaks, yet get upset if someone has a mounted deer head in their family room? If so, you just may be a meat eating hypocrite.
It is a poem describing the environment in which a common man becomes suicide bomber
How come parents allow their kids to step on ants but yell at them for holding a kitten too tight? Millions of animals are killed every year, why don't we do something to end some of the suffering?
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