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I found a post of the killer or the informant in the case of Diao Aiqing’s corpse-dismantling at Nanjing University and Unscrambled.
Have you ever wondered how you would die? Sometimes the possiblities might surprize you. You might get killed by your own family member, a sibling or something from whom you never saw it coming...
This article is about the reasons why some people do evil things. The article uses video games as a template.
Stray dogs are really dangerous sometimes as there are many scary stories of street dogs attacking human being. Some of these attacks even resulted in death while others in serious injuries. There are many such issues regarding street dogs which are happening around and still not att...
One D stands for the protecting nutrient vitamin D and another D stands for the killer Depression. Nutrition experts say that vitamin D, taken sufficiently, can control depression.
This horror story depicts about our society where killing is rampant. It seems human beings become weaker this time ; killing is rampant and life is made ordinary and ugly.
Cobra is a deadly snake.Just imagine its head severely damaged,dying but it was able to attack the person.Let us not trust a snake; it must not be left with its single breath,it must be totally dead before leaving the scene.
Upon entering the Plumer Street home most people say that you cannot deny an unexplained chill that embodies your very being right down to the bone. The home is the oldest two-story home on the street, known for a number of mysterious deaths, secrets, and tortured sprits that appear t...
This is a lovely game concerning ghosts and detectives. You play the detective and go through the game as a ghost. Thrilling indeed and one feels the compulsion to play the game.
The top ten most addictive prescription pain killers are Fentanyl, Stadol, OxyContin, Demerol, Hydrocodone, MS Contin, Percocet, Lorcet, Dilaudid, and Zydone. Pain killers can lead to dependency or an addiction.
Every two minutes, a woman aged over 50 years, fractured or broken bones. Worse yet, one of the five women realized that after three bones brittle bones crack.
Could they be a Vampire? Yes, yes they are lol I hope you enjoy!
This page explores the sometimes complex relationship between parents and their children. It takes a look at how a lack of communication or a break down of this vital link between a parent and child can sometimes to lead the child becoming vulnerable, heading down the wrong path and h...
A gangster waiting for a show down the only thing that keeps him going is his pet cat.
A young kid is abandoned and found across the railway tracks.He is God sent lucky!
This is the final installment. I hoped you enjoyed it. The campus killer is now but a memory and Brittany is busy planning Theodore and Eleanor's party, but Alvin has a big surprise for her.
A Story Of A Father Who Avenges The Death Of His Daughter.
An offbeat little story about a girl who takes vengeance in her own hands.
This is the horrific story of a South American mass child murderer, confessing hundreds of murders.
Short story where young girl is killed, assumptions are made and correct killer is found with help from a dog called Charlie!
Story from the character Lottie's view of how things between their friendship suddenly changed and turns sour or even poisonous. Truth wins in the end! Fiction
In the annals of crime there are many untold stories. Whether they are fiction or true, you decide. This piece reveals the stories of serial killers of a lesbian turn. Those who killed for fun and for other motivations which criminaligists are yet to uncover. Can you find an explanati...
Salt, whilst adding flavour to savoury food if taken in large qualtities on a regular basis it can be injurious to health.
~master of green fire~his coveted supply of people parts~deep and whole~underneath black water~
A Hindu at last visits the grave of his Moslem girl friend. It is a traumatic experience for him, as he is confronted by a man, who could be another of her lovers or husband.
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