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He sought the help of Venkatappa Nayaka of Surajpur to fight against the English, he raised a band of warriors and waged guerilla warfare against the English And even defeated them sometimes.
Being a herdsman Abraham traveled the region with his flocks and at the time of this happening was living in Gerar. Once again in fear for his life he had told the people that Sarah was his sister, rather than his wife.
In 2007, Richard Hammond left his Porsche on traffic and ran all the way to his home for 16 miles to make it for his daughter birthday
The Jewish high priests thought by executing Jesus, they could end his dream of kingdom. King Herod might have thought that would be a good solution to remove his rival for power. The Romans might have thought that by the punishment of Crucifixion they could control the political revo...
I am sure many of have been already know about Pacific Ocean, but not necessarily all of us certainly know more about it. Therefore, in this article I try to share glance information about. Pacific Ocean contains about 25,000 Islands (more than the number of islands that are in the oc...
Stefan Nemanja was inherited by his second son Stafan Nemanjich - the first king of Serbia.
This is a tale of princes and princesses, betrayal and a faked monarchy.
It amazes me how some people take in a negative way what I write. The only thing I know is that it is In them and recognizing it they react. true psychology at its best...but there are those who see the wisdoms thank God.... If you have seen the new film Noah,,,hope this fits again...
Three Romantic Verses - 1. The Queen 2. The Poetess 3. The Sun - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
Back into the Heart of God we all will go but how long it takes is up to you. Many people will influence you and thus bring about more karma for only you inside of you know how to get there...and when you are ready you blessings to you...
the kingdom of Thessalonica was located in Greece during the 1204-1224 13th century. It was one of the Byzantine empire lands. The kingdom of Thessalonica was a wonderful kingdom with many approaches during that period of time.
A king is born..heavy lies the head ....when one is born as a Head
The kingdom of Greece was ruled in the 1800's by king Othon of Austria and Amalia of Germany. During that time Greece was in big power and everyone was happy with king Othon and Queen Amalia. They were admired by everyone and loved by everyone and they made Greece the center of everyt...
Within magic or fantasy there is much truth. When one is ready to start their journey back home into the heart of God and ask for help, One who can will appear. Choosing back and doing the things needed to be done start a journey not always easy but quite sublime. Some now are read...
It's a Poem about Me: Dr. Funom Theophilus Makama, hope you enjoy it!
Any account of French Revolution makes exciting reading. It was the forerunner of many revolutions in the world.
The Gateway of the mystical Kingdom of Bhutan, the country often described as " the last Shangri la on the earth.
Gamelan sounds, graceful dancers, accompanied by the dim light, but it adds to the atmosphere full of beauty mystic
One day we will be in heaven or hell, and I choose heaven. Oh, to sing with the angels!
And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man,
A silly yarn about three unusual knights who lived in florida many years ago.
There is an ancient kingdom in my democratic country. How can be?
A poem for a relationship that is already over for quite some time.
How to maximise Miscellania earnings on Runescape and make millions of gp
Butterflies are the animated flowers. They always amuse me.
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