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After the excellent example of leadership by king David, other noble rulers took counsel together and try to defeat one another in battle strategies.
The place that inspired Maestro Rodrigo to compose his Concert for Aranjuez and one to go on each season.
How a dream taught me to teach a Vietnamese man taught a man to speak English and just in the nick of time.
As we gaze through pages of history there are many who have made their mark and then fallen, kings, emperors and such like. We still have those who place their mark destroying thousands of lives...over and over again.
History records or at least has been changed so that man ruleth and woman is a necessary evil. However history has been changed so that man can assume total power. Women not only have the matriachal right but only with them can man have power.
How wonderful it is to fly with words across neverending much in the world to write about using words to pictures I have done enjoy....
A king is born..heavy lies the head ....when one is born as a Head
Even the English countryside bears witness to past crimes. The Law of Karma, of Return takes you into the realisation that all you put in motion is returned to you. As it does to all of us..
this is the final part of my story of Ruth , and I am glad to say it has a happy ending .
written many years ago about my high school sweetheart... she was princess and i was prince.... married for over 20 yrs.... 3 beautiful children all grown up.. I miss you!
Any account of French Revolution makes exciting reading. It was the forerunner of many revolutions in the world.
War has always the cause of devastation through the ages of man. Every age has played a part in the useless killing of and savagery against mankind.
Having to have more and more materiality leads to unhappiness. The more you have the more you want. This is a dark piece about questioning the reality of what is. And a vampyr's search for victims.
Travelling back into the Warriors and Kings of old, how they conquered, ruled and took their pleasuring men and women and young boys...a bit naughty but nice!
Having to watch paltry men try to reach positions of power. The names of great leaders and those that are not. Questioning what is in a name.
Two men, two destanies, one path towards the same goal
i m a lawyer & a lawyer saying this, should mean something....wrote this one in the early days of my litigation (sometime last year) on a dull sluggish day at the court, while minutely observing things and people around me.
Sikhism and Marriage: Its based on intensive research work in History of Sikhism. It has taken more than 30 years to find out the concept of marriage as described by the Sikh Gurus. Some of the Sikhs gurus had more than one marriage. There having more than one wife seem to have a seri...
A Story Poem: A Ship and Her crew lost in the cold and dawning of the night. Their eternal frozen stand off with the King of the Sea for their trespasses.
An idea on where humpty dumpty originated from, just a fun way at looking at the nursery rhyme.
This is the story of King Alfred the Great of England and how he managed to ruin the baking of one of his poor followers by not paying attention to the fire.
~You don’t know what you’ll do when the shithouse burns down ‘til the flames hit you in the ass~lonely dreams~dark rooms~solitary confinement~waiting for the sun~LSD~madness & blood~must be some way out of here~death dreams in the live parade~
Another short essay about the illogical views liberals have of people with power.
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