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God continues his discourse with Moses regarding the feasts that must be kept when they arrive in their promised land. Much emphasis is placed on the keeping of Sabbaths and the number seven.
The Lord continues to reiterate the importance of keeping the law with special emphasis on Aaron and his sons, the priests of Israel.
God orders that a census be taken of the males from twenty years old and upward in all tribes except the Levites.
God sums up all the teachings that he has given to Moses on Mount Sinai and warns his people that they must honor him and keep his commandments.
I describe growing up in a small coastal settlement in Newfoundland in the 1940s and early 1950s.
At seventeen years of age Joseph is clearly his father's favorite son, which does not endear him to his brothers. Being a Tattletale and a dreamer causes the cauldron to boil over.
God continues his discourse on the law and although no one disputes what he says at the time, many would question certain of the commandment today.
Moses listens attentively as God continues his discourse, giving particular consideration to the Ten Commandments but also exploring other provisions in the law.
I write a tribute to my uncle and namesake, 2391 Pte Moses A.C. Ingram.
God instructs Moses as to how and when the priests should enter the holy place. He gives further instruction regarding moral and Sexual laws.
The law regarding clean and unclean animals, childbirth and leprosy.
God's law concerning animals that should and should not be eaten by his people. Rituals to be followed by women after childbirth and the law concerning leprosy.
On the eighth day the ceremony commences once more but two of Aaron's sons offer strange fire that God has not commanded and both die.
Moses returns to the top of Mount Sinai taking with him two tablets of stone to replace those that he broke. Once again he spends forty days and forty nights on the mount conversing with God.
Before leaving their encampment near Mount Sinai Moses instructs the children of Israel in all that God had taught him.
God calls Moses up into the mountain where he remains for forty days and forty nights. Meanwhile the people below get restless.
God becomes angry with his people and wants to destroy them and make a great nation of Moses and his descendents but Moses talks him out of it. When Moses comes down from Mount Sinai and sees what the people have done, he too loses his temper.
God gives Moses the Ten Commandments and the people promise to obey.
A man attends his own wake and funeral but in invisible to others. .
Moses receives a visit and some much needed advice from his father-in-law, Jethro, the priest of Midian.
Fifty-Eight years ago this month at the tender age of seventeen years I made the transition from schoolboy to schoolteacher.
The people are angry with Moses because they have no water but once again their God comes through for them.
God provides food for his people in the wilderness but also tests them to see if they are ready to trust him.
The Children of Israel rejoice and praise the Lord their God wh has saved them from the Egyptians.
The Last of the plagues brings the death of all the firstborn in Egypt, both man and beast. The children of Israel leave Egypt but are pursued bu Pharaoh's armies.
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