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Can’t Forget a Stolen Kiss...Kisses are never forgotten ....when they are first stolen all have stolen.Some minuscule are liars
Love at least Kiss...fill in the blanks a modern poetic trend then i shall amend
It is exactly equivalents to 28 years, seven months and fifteen days - my wife Imelda has enjoyed life with me and with our three loving children. For more than 28 years, we have enjoyed the married life full of beautiful dreams for the future ahead. We have never fight or have shoute...
this is a poem about the joys of loving someone and being with him or her
Young soul, don´t be afraid of enjoying this little gift
Drummer Anton Fig delves into decades of material to launch his solo album.
Bliss in Kiss Kiss is the first message of love If you don't kiss you neither love nor will be cherished
The all love to kiss and teach us as we age They all love to play a game of love at just 17
There was only one word to describe such a precious moment, so filled with the most pure light. The word was “perfect”.
Jacob goes to live with his uncle Laban and falls in love with his cousin Rachel, his uncle's youngest daughter.
Max has recovered to the point that he can go home. Danielle is waiting for Jake to come from the farm and take them home. The couple is excited to resume their life together.
Woman bosom is delicate and sensual. Tension and anticipation are some of the biggest turn-ons for her. She loves to be waiting on the edge of her seat; she loves to wonder about what’s coming next.
Today is the day Max will be reunited with Danielle. He thought he'd lost her and she found him. They had a love that had a beginning but no ending.
Poetry given from the heart and soul. An age old question since the beginning of time.
These are the first set of Poems I have written for my new adventure 'Polaroids of Life'.
A kiss to last means a relationship forever.He has fallen in love and wants a sweet relationship with loving kisses.
A Childhood sweetheart can last for a lifetime, and some are quickly forgotten, but do you remember your first Kiss?
Compares the many kinds of kisses with the kinds of sentences in the English language.
One time heavenly kiss Kisses are always welcome moms gals and sis daughter and miss
I’ve been here for nine minutes, and I’m already freaking out. Now, I knew that you were inviting other friends and that your definition of “birthday party” would be different from mine. But seriously. I’m ready to have a panic attack.
Of course being tall and good looking makes one quite popular with the young ladies and having a little folding money in your pockets only helps in the preparation of the modern gentlemen, the problem is, that we are just too anxious for the camaraderie to begin.
Your lips... I admire them Your lips... I I love them Your lips... I'm in love
I really enjoyed writing this short story. I never had an imaginary friend as a child but my little sister did and with her help I hope I created a magical atmosphere filled with love and hope.
As I work with Jimmy in the hope of making improvements not only in his life but also that of his wife and daughter, I see that we are finally making progress.
how to get a girl to like you is a question that we often find ourselves asking each other. Movies have been made and magazines have been written all based around how to get a girl to like you. There are hundreds of self help books written on this subject all saying different things...
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