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Can’t Forget a Stolen Kiss...Kisses are never forgotten ....when they are first stolen all have stolen.Some minuscule are liars
Love at least Kiss...fill in the blanks a modern poetic trend then i shall amend
My KISS poetry..Some of my kiss poetry is really ecstatic it passes currents just try it
this is a poem about the joys of loving someone and being with him or her
Life’s like a love song. It gets sweeter when you’re in love. All you do is hear and talk about love. You wish you'd live forever, right? You've been eating all your life, right? Have you found a thing that's sweeter than love? And when love's gone, is there a thing that leaves a ...
Bliss in Kiss Kiss is the first message of love If you don't kiss you neither love nor will be cherished
The all love to kiss and teach us as we age They all love to play a game of love at just 17
Sorry. I was with a selfish person at the time of writing. Selfishness breeds frustration. Frustration manifest into hurt. Hurt led to anger. Anger materialised.
Max introduces himself and tells of his first time at church when the Minister tried to drown him.
This is a poem about fantasy and illusion and all that can be found with the pen and the ink and put on paper so the eyes of the world can dream sweet dreams. That place where love lives forever young.
A Childhood sweetheart can last for a lifetime, and some are quickly forgotten, but do you remember your first Kiss?
No matter what could happen, she was more than determined to fight every single day for the love she was sure to deserve.
~the first bird, morning sparrow~runs from the sleep thing~there soft ‘cross her face~eyes wide in the moment~I found her on the dappled ground~it is a relaxing view, the parade~its relationship to madness~reading the bible, her lips moved~
Compares the many kinds of kisses with the kinds of sentences in the English language.
Of course being tall and good looking makes one quite popular with the young ladies and having a little folding money in your pockets only helps in the preparation of the modern gentlemen, the problem is, that we are just too anxious for the camaraderie to begin.
Your lips... I admire them Your lips... I I love them Your lips... I'm in love
There are some of us who travel through outer realms to help others in many different is our commitment and our joy to do...some won't believe but it still goes on....
Fictional short story told in a bit of a poetic form. I believe with all my heart prayers and kisses reach and move the heavens almighty, especially those so sincere and of such faith from a child!
A lover wants his lovers lips.He wants to taste his desire and wants to bring it to her attention.
Few New Year´s Eve traditions in case one´s fed up with the old ones. Have a look.
Kiss me darling...My lips are free..All are welcome to kiss me
The poem highlights on love and blessings. No doubt, where there is love, there will be a blessing, both goes in parallel. - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
Strangers parting kiss..At times we think we are dreaming but such things do happen
I decided to compile some sex Quotes as my first contribution to this site, as a newbie here, I hope your Old members would enjoy this. I dedicate this article to Funom Makam for bringing me into this community and I hope he excels the way I intend to.
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