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When I think about the different forms of "The Tree Of Life", here is what I most think of: I do not think of an actual tree, I think of the different levels of reality we are all at in existence. That, to me is the tree of life. Here is that somewhat complicated story from my point o...
Knowledge: is shared with intelligent folks.If you are one who has an open mind then read this If you continue to blah blah vamoousse....
To even begin to understand life's issues and its choices and consequences, we must come to KNOW GOD ~ not become religious ~ and not ~ just be born again.
These three snippets are a worth a million stars of Wikis.... Learn more on yahoo too The world is now not as ignorant now it was then ......2000 plus years ago.
Knowledge is power and wisdom is the key for unlocking all understanding.
Now I have tried to switch over to writing ,stars notwithstanding. Just to share knowledge what we need most on day to day bais on useful subjects.I am no master or educationist but would love to share what I have pragmatically gained over the decades.
this is one of the poems that i wrote. it is about an individual who didnt had the best of life and wants to tell the one's around him what it really takes to know him inside out.
Bridge is a fascinating game like chess and calls for analytical skills and mental agility.
With great knowledge and a powerful understanding comes some degree of wisdom. So how do we build knowledge and understanding? This is a powerful, yet personal challenge.
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