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When I think about the different forms of "The Tree Of Life", here is what I most think of: I do not think of an actual tree, I think of the different levels of reality we are all at in existence. That, to me is the tree of life. Here is that somewhat complicated story from my point o...
Knowledge vs Clairvoyance Very educative discourse published over here. It would have been much more effective if he had posted the TEN COMMANDMENTS in the article. Then all he said would have had a greater impact. I do hope he will do.
Knowledge dance and romance.We learn then unlearn The sine wave stared dwindling so I return... Many friends have died since... All buried in time's memory.. I am in Q r u?
This is an overview of Knowledge Management tool(s) available to an Enterprise Business and how it can be used effectively to add value and optimize the efforts.
Knowledge is nothing but collection of thought.knowledge is Most important thing in this world and it should be disseminated through proper channel so other can use it and make benefits from it.
There is an ambitious project on the way to make internet accessible to every human being on earth no matter what country you live in.
Experience cum knowledge...SOME ARE MORE KNOWLEDGEABLE THAN experienced...So we learn as we move on
Now I have tried to switch over to writing ,stars notwithstanding. Just to share knowledge what we need most on day to day bais on useful subjects.I am no master or educationist but would love to share what I have pragmatically gained over the decades.
This is just a funny recollection of a friend long lost in the wilderness...
In today's world, knowledge has become a commodity. We exchange ideas in the information superhighway that is the internet and at this point, with the presence of more venues than was possible before, we are now trading our abilities.
This poem about human nature and life style of people liberty, leisure and just to have some fun.
This article is about the learning process, the more we learn is the more we gain the knowledge. Learn more and share more.
Into The Forest.This poem is all about awakening of a soul suffering in the corners of darkness
Sharing Of Knowledge.In a single life, we must all share what ever little we know, with all.We are not all, know alls.
Folkways are considered as behavioral patterns of a particular society that is repetitive and organize. Rituals on the other hand are those highly scripted ceremonies of interactions which follows a sequence of actions. Examples are baptism, holidays and more.
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